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Chapter 14: As Below, So Above

I bow my head to your lotus feet. For years I have loved stories of Gurdjieff and Zen masters who hit their disciples so hard that they get it.
The other night you struck your scalpel sharp - no anesthetic - removing a cancer that’s been there for lives. It hurt, but the patient feels healthier and even longs with a passion to expose more and more. Part of me says, “No, this is just greed and exhibitionism.” Is there a right way to expose oneself to a master?

Learn not to listen to your mind, it always leads you astray. Its advice is always categorically poisonous. Rise above your mind; only from that height can you see clearly. To be in the mind is to be in the clouds. Just a little higher and the sky is clean; you can see the farthest stars.

Your heart was understanding absolutely and exactly what the situation was. Immediately your mind started interfering and saying, “No, this is just greed and exhibitionism.” It is neither greed nor exhibitionism, because both are part of the ego. And I have not hit you, but the ego which is pretending to be you. It will try to protect itself in every way. But once you start understanding the language of the heart, the subtle nuances of your innermost being, the ego becomes powerless, loses its domination over you.

You are asking, “Is there a right way to expose oneself to a master?” Every way is right as far as exposing yourself is concerned. Expose in any way - but expose! Open your windows and doors, become vulnerable. All ways of opening are right, and all ways of closing yourself are wrong. There is no right way of closing, and there is no wrong way of exposing.

I have heard that you went to every person who had been bowing down his head in love, in trust and gratitude, and offered your apology. That makes you an authentic sannyasin. Any pseudo-sannyasin would have escaped and started creating lies and rumors and allegations against me. But instead of doing that, you went to sannyasins to offer your apology.

You proved your mettle, you proved your dignity, you proved your understanding; and you proved that you are courageous enough to be humble, courageous enough to put your ego aside. Now let this incident not become just a memory, a faraway remembrance. Let this become your moment to moment understanding, becoming deeper, becoming clearer. And it will bring you immense blessings.

Just a little bit of understanding can bring a tremendous revolution in your life. All seeds are small - the trees may grow high, almost touching the stars, but the seeds are very small. This is just a seed that has fallen into your heart; now allow it to grow. Give nourishment to it, support it, remove all hindrances in its path; and a small seed, which seems to be nothing special in this moment, may bring thousands of flowers.

Just a little waiting, just a little patience for the spring to come.it always comes. We miss it if we don’t have any seeds in our heart - spring comes and goes, nothing blossoms in us. If we have seeds in our heart, then the coming of the spring is understood by every cell and fiber of our being, and the blossoming of our potential becomes a reality forever. The inner spring only comes - it never goes.

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