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Chapter 23: I Stand for the Whole Man

Here in this place, all those four are present - and enjoying immensely! There is no need to condemn anybody. Everybody is what he is supposed to be. But man has been dominated by the idea of condemning this, condemning that: this is right, that is wrong. It has created so many layers, so many categories, that somewhere or other it has made everybody guilty.in so many ways guilty. It has wounded everybody’s psyche and destroyed man’s dignity, his individuality.

Fukuoka is not understood because he is asking things which are only symbolic, symptoms. He is not raising questions about the roots - he himself believes in the roots.

He was here attending an international conference. Naturally, just out of etiquette, he praised India too much - “this is the only land which can save humanity.” It is not capable of saving itself! And you are putting the responsibility on the poor human beings of this devastated, destroyed, enslaved, hungry, uneducated, uncultured people to save the whole humanity.

It reminded me of an old Jew who was praying his last prayer before dying. Somebody heard, and could not believe what he was saying. The old Jew was saying to God, “God, it is time you should choose somebody else as your chosen people. We have suffered enough.” Jews would have never suffered if God had not named them as his chosen people. Who bothers about ordinary people?

This country is being praised and this country feels very comfortable with all this praise, without looking at the reality.

Fukuoka mentions in his letter that the world needs an ecological change. It is true - the world needs deep ecological understanding. But the way he expresses it destroys the whole truth it contains. He says, “I loved the Indian roads, where cows are sitting.” This is ecology - where men and animals are together, drinking water, taking baths, doing all kinds of stupid things together.

This is not ecology, this is nonsense, and he was very much impressed when he saw it. But he does not understand: these cows are hungry, they are dying, their owners have disowned them because their owners cannot feed them and they are of no use anymore; neither can they give milk nor they can give more cows and bulls. On the streets they are not resting, they are simply waiting for death - hungry, uncomfortable. Death will come to them not in a natural way, it will come through the traffic. They will die and they will take a few more people with themselves. They will not die alone.

And when he saw a temple of the monkey god Hanuman, he was immensely impressed. This is ecology - man worshipping hungry, mangy.all kinds of animals are being worshipped in India, elephant gods..

I have always been sad that Charles Darwin never came to India. Otherwise he would have found the most valid reason for his theory of evolution, that man has evolved out of monkeys. The worship of the monkeys proves that they are your forefathers.

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