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Chapter 24: Eastern Psychology: The Science of the Soul

Modern psychology has to learn much from the Eastern experiment. It knows nothing. All that modern psychology is doing is analyzing dreams, fixing people to somehow carry on their normal business and repressing their abnormalities. But it brings no transformation. Even the founders of modern psychology - Freud or Jung or Adler or Assagioli - are not people who you can put into the category of Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu. You cannot put these people with the seers of the Upanishads, with Kabir and Nanak and Farid. They are the sanest people humanity has produced, and they have not bothered about dreams, they have not gone through psychoanalysis for years together.

It is such a strange phenomenon: in the whole world there is not a single person who has completed psychoanalysis - because it goes on and on.ten years, twelve years. There are people who have been in psychoanalysis for twenty years, wasting millions of dollars. In fact, just as everywhere ladies talk about diamonds and emeralds and rubies, in America ladies say: “How long have you been in psychoanalysis? I have been in it for thirteen years!” It is a criterion of wealth; it shows you can afford to pay millions of dollars.

The poor man, the psychoanalyst, has to listen to all kinds of garbage. No wonder that they start going mad, they start committing suicide, they jump from the window of a thirty-story building or hundred-story building! Just listen to a woman’s dreams for twenty years. It is a great relief for the husband, he is perfectly happy that she throws all her garbage and tantrums and everything on the psychoanalyst; it is not too costly, he can manage to pay - but for the poor psychoanalyst. Twenty years of listening to one woman and her stupid dreams! If one day he suddenly jumps out of the window, you cannot condemn him - he needs everybody’s sympathy.

But it is big business. Just the other day I was telling you that Jesus founded a big business: Christianity. Another Jew, Sigmund Freud, founded another business: psychoanalysis. Another Jew, Karl Marx founded another business: communism.

Jews are strange people. Whenever they do something, nobody can compete with them. Now half the world is communist in one Jew’s hands; the other half is Christian in another Jew’s hands. And who knows? - maybe both are partners. Jews are always business minded; they don’t bother about Christianity, they don’t bother about communism. Sigmund Freud is dead; Karl Marx is dead. Wherever they are - in hell or in heaven - they may be enjoying the fact that their businesses are going well; they may have even joined with Jesus. This would be the real trinity: three Jews running the whole world.

Modern psychology will not accept meditation because meditation will destroy its business. A man of meditation needs no psychoanalysis. The deeper his meditation goes, the saner he becomes and the further beyond the mind is his flight.

Meditation is the greatest danger for psychoanalysis, for psychologists. They have to insist that there is nothing beyond the mind because if there is something beyond the mind, then their whole business can flop. The East has to assert itself, show that what they are doing is simply foolish.

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