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Chapter 25: Zen: A Contagious Blissfulness

For example, if you wanted to be initiated by Gurdjieff.. The initiation used to happen in the night after a long meal, dining, wining. Gurdjieff himself was a great cook, and he would cook food for his disciples. And he would go on forcing, “Eat!” He would force alcohol, drugs on the disciples, and they were shouting, “It is enough, we are going mad!” But unless you were really mad he was not going to listen.

Finally, in his congregation only he was aware, everybody had fallen: somebody was shouting, somebody was saying something - muttering, moaning, crying, weeping or laughing - or somebody was just sitting silently, wooden.it was a scene. And Gurdjieff was watching every disciple, because what you never say in your conscious state comes out when you are unconscious.

The whole Sigmund Freud psychoanalytical movement depends on your dreams. They are not worried about what you say, they are worried about what you dream. Strange people, because you have come to them, they should listen to your disease, your problems, and they say, “Don’t be worried about your problems, you bring your dreams. Your problems are just on the surface and your dreams are your roots.”

But Gurdjieff was not one to waste time like psychoanalysis does - for fifteen years a person goes into psychoanalysis. When he goes in he is a little sane; when he comes out he is absolutely insane.

A man used to think that he was a woman. Naturally his family were worried, his wife was very much worried, his children were worried. But he was completely unworried; he said, “What can I do? If I am a woman, I am a woman. I am not doing any harm to anybody.”

Finally he ended up on the couch of a psychoanalyst. After three years of psychoanalysis he met a friend. The friend asked, “How is the psychoanalysis going?” He said, “It is going perfect.”

The man was a little interested in the psychological movement. He said, “It is going perfect? Has it helped you?”

He said, “Helped? First I had some doubts; now I don’t have any doubts.” The friend said, “That’s great, but what was the thing that you had doubts about?”

He said, “I am a woman. In these three years the psychoanalyst has convinced me, and I have convinced him that we both are women. And we are enjoying the company.”

Psychoanalysis has not helped anybody.

Gurdjieff was not interested in wasting your time and your money. What psychoanalysis can do in twenty years he was able to do in one night. A man who has never eaten meat - the first thing was to force him to eat meat. If you want to be a disciple of Gurdjieff..

Now, you can conceive it. If you are a vegetarian, to eat meat goes against your whole conditioning. You are bound to vomit. You will vomit and he will bring more meat for you. This will continue till the vomiting stops. That means your conditioning about meat is erased.

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