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Chapter 13: Session 13

Turgenev’s book Fathers and Sons should be read by everyone, because everyone is entangled in some kind of relationship - father and son, husband and wife, brother and sister, ad nauseam. Yes, it creates nausea. The whole business of “family” in my dictionary should mean “nausea.” And yet everybody is pretending, “How beautiful..” Everybody is pretending to be English, British.

Eighth, D.H. Lawrence. I always wanted to talk about his book, but I was afraid whether my pronunciation was right or not. Please don’t laugh about it. My whole life I have called it “The Phonix” because that is how it is spelled. Just this morning I asked Gudia, “Be good to me Gudia” - which is rare! “What is the pronunciation of this word?”

She said, “Pheenix!”

I said, “My God! Pheenix? And my whole life I have wasted calling it phonix.!”

That is my eighth book, The Phoenix. Okay, I will change my pronunciation at least to make it appear to be English.

The Phoenix. This is a wonderful book, one which is written only once in a while.only once after decades, or even centuries.

Ninth, another book by D.H. Lawrence. The Phoenix is great, beautiful, but not my ultimate choice. My ultimate choice is his book Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious, which is rarely read. Now, who is going to read this book? The people who read novels are not going to read it, and the people who read psychoanalysis will not read it because they don’t consider Lawrence to be a psychoanalyst. But I read it. I am neither a fan of novelists, nor mad about psychoanalysts. I am free from both. I am absolutely free. I love this book.

My eyes are beginning to collect dewdrops. Please don’t interrupt.

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious has been and will be one of my most beloved and cherished books. Although I don’t read anymore, if I were to read again that would be the first book that I would read. Not the Vedas, not The Bible, but Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious.and do you know, the book is against psychoanalysis.

D.H. Lawrence was really a revolutionary, a rebel. He was far more revolutionary than Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud is middle class. I will not say more than that, so don’t wait. In saying “middle class” I have said everything mediocre. That is the meaning of middle class: just in the middle. Sigmund Freud is not a rebel in the real sense; Lawrence is.

Good. Don’t be worried about me and my tears. It is good to have tears once in a while, and I have not wept for so long.

Tenth: Arnold’s Light of Asia.

I have to talk about two more books, and even if I die I will complete my discourse.

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