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Chapter 7: Zorba Is My Past: Buddha Is My Present

No years of analysis are needed, just very simple methods of watching your mind. Just being a witness to whatever goes on in your mind.and a great transformation happens. As you watch the mind, suddenly you start feeling you are not the mind. You can watch it.it is just there on the screen, a movie screen, a TV screen. Thoughts are moving, dreams are moving, projections are moving; memories, imagination.you can see from a distance. And as you become settled into this distance, you are surprised: “What can these thoughts do to you.?”

You are not part of the mind.

This gives you such a relief. And the moment it becomes deepened - “I am not the mind” - the mind starts cooling down. Thoughts are less; memories are less; imaginations are less. Just witnessing.and a moment comes when mind becomes empty, there is only a white screen left. That is the perfect health. Out of this clarity, to live life is a delight, is a joy.

I have not taken anything from Western psychoanalysis. I am trying to give something to Western psychoanalysis, which it is missing, very badly missing. I have come in contact with many kinds of psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and they are in the same boat as you are; they are not in any way different. They suffer from the same kinds of anxieties, fear.

Even the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud suffered from fear so much that you will be surprised to know he never passed by the side of any graveyard because it reminded him of death. He never wanted to hear somebody informing him that a friend had died, because that reminded him that he will die too. Even the word death was enough.

As he became older, just the word death and he used to fall into a coma for a few minutes, unconscious, his mouth foaming - and this man is the founder of psychoanalysis. Can you think of Gautam Buddha being afraid of death in this way? Can you think of Lao Tzu being afraid of death in this way?

All his psychoanalysis is nothing but his own sexual repression - because everything that you bring to him becomes a sexual symbol, anything.you cannot find a thing which is not sexual. The man was simply mad.

His own disciples, great disciples, Jung and Adler left him, simply because of this fixation on sex. Everything is not sex; life consists of many more things. Adler founded another school of psychoanalysis, but made the same mistake. His whole idea is will to power. Bring him anybody, and he will find that he is suffering from will to power. Now sex is replaced by will to power. He has again forgotten that life is many things, it is multidimensional.

Jung founded another school of analytical psychology. He tried to reduce everything to mythologies, ancient mythologies - that your unconscious is remembering your past lives; they are surfacing.

Nobody has been helpful in transforming man, in giving him real health, sanity, serenity, tranquillity, balance. But the East can contribute much, because in the East the thing is totally different. We have never taken mind seriously. We have always thought that there is something beyond mind - and unless that space beyond is found, mind cannot be controlled. Who will control it? Something higher than mind is needed, and Western psychology does not believe in anything higher than mind.

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