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Chapter 16: Fear Is Always of the Unknown

So for millions of years women have been completely denied their birthright. That’s why they have become so bitchy, so continuously nagging, always ready to fight. There is no possibility of having a conversation with a woman. You live with a woman for years, but you cannot recall a single conversation when you both were sitting together talking about the great things of life. No, all that you will remember will be fighting, throwing things, being nasty. But the woman is not responsible for it. She’s being deprived of her whole possibility of blissfulness. Then she becomes negative.

And this has given a chance to the priests. All the churches and the temples are filled up with women because they are the losers, more than men. Because man’s orgasm is local his whole body is not erotic, so his whole body does not suffer any damage if there is no orgasmic experience. But the woman’s whole body suffers.

It is good business for the religions: unless people are psychologically suffering they will not come to the churches, they will not listen to all kinds of idiotic theologies. And because they are suffering they want some consolation, they want some hope, at least after death. In life they know there is no hope; it is finished. And this gives the religions a chance to show both men and women that sex is absolutely futile: “It has no meaning, no significance. You are unnecessarily losing your energy, wasting your energy.” And their argument seems to be correct, because you have never experienced anything.

So by preventing the orgasmic experience, religions have made men and women slaves. Now, the same slavery functions for the other vested interests. The latest priest is the psychoanalyst, he is exploiting the same thing. And I was amazed to know that almost all the new priests, particularly Christians, study psychology in their theological colleges. Psychology, psychoanalysis, have become a necessary part of their education. Now, what does psychology have to do with the Bible? What does psychoanalysis have to do with Jesus Christ? They are being trained in psychology and psychoanalysis because it is clear that the old priest is disappearing, losing his grip over people. The priest has to be made up-to-date so he can function not only as a religious priest, but also as a psychoanalyst, psychologist. Naturally the psychologist cannot compete with him. He has something more: religion.

But this whole thing has happened through the simple device of condemning sex. So, when you find people fearing orgasm in your groups, help them to understand that, “Orgasm is going to make you more sane, more intelligent, less angry, less violent, more loving. Orgasm is going to give you your roots, which have been taken away from you. So don’t be worried.” And mixed with this will be the fear that in orgasm one may go crazy. If in orgasm one goes crazy, help him to go crazy. Only then will he be able to have it in its totality. But orgasm relaxes every fiber of your mind, your heart, your body.

It is immensely important for meditation that a person has the experience of orgasm. Then you can make him understand what meditation is. It is an orgasmic experience with the whole existence. If an orgasm can be so beautiful and so beneficial, so healthy, with a single human being, meditation is getting into oneness with the whole that surrounds you, from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star, millions of years away.

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