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Chapter 13: Christianity Is an Empty Box

They are studying psychoanalysis. Now every Christian preacher has compulsorily to study psychoanalysis. Now, what does psychoanalysis have to do with religion? The problem is, what religion used to do was to console people in their misery. Now they don’t have that religion at all, so they have to find some contemporary way to console people. Psychoanalysis is a very thriving business all around the world; the most highly-paid professionals are psychoanalysts. So Christians think, “They must be doing something for people. Let us learn their art and use it to save Christianity.” But they don’t understand that Freud was against religion, the whole of psychoanalysis is against religion. They cannot use it.

They are studying Karl Marx because the man has converted three-fourths of humanity; he must have something - the idea of equality of human beings. Although he is against religion and against God, he has certain values; those values can be taken.

They are collecting all kinds of things in the box where Christianity used to be. It is so eclectic that it does not make one organic whole. If you look into the box you will get into a madness, because the things they are taking belong to different systems. Within those systems they have a living quality; out of those systems they are dead. Somebody’s eyes, somebody’s hand, somebody’s legs, somebody’s heart..

Do you think in your box there will come a man, because you have arranged everything that is needed for a man - hands, head, eyes, heart? Everything is there, but it is just nonsense. Those eyes were able to see in an organic unity in a body; now they cannot see. There is no organic unity, and you cannot bring an organic unity.

Christianity is dead. Their desperate effort to save it simply confirms that it is dead. But it needs guts to accept it.

You will be surprised to know that when Joseph Stalin died it was not declared to the world. It took a few days for the communist high command.because they had believed that this man is immortal. Stalin, man of steel, he cannot die! But men of steel, or whatever your conception may be, have to follow nature - he died. For a few days they delayed informing the world. In fact they could not believe it, but finally they had to accept that Stalin was dead.

The same happened with Mao Tse-tung. His death was not immediately reported to the world because he had become a god.

I know about Sri Aurobindo, because he himself was teaching his whole life that his special work was to give methods to people to attain physical immortality. All old teachers have taught you spiritual immortality; that’s not a big problem, because the spiritual element in you is already immortal.

He used to say, “I am doing the real thing. The physical body, which is not immortal, I am going to make it immortal.” And one day he died.

One of my friends was there in Pondicherry, in his ashram. He told me, “For seven days we were hiding the fact that Aurobindo had died. We could not believe it ourselves, because if he himself is not immortal, then what about us who have gathered here just to become physically immortal? And the man who was going to make us physically immortal is dead! Now we cannot even ask him, ‘You deceived us. What happened?’ To declare it to the world looks so embarrassing.”

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