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Chapter 9: The Practical Joke

So this is the mechanism: you and the reality, and in between these two, the mind. This is the mechanism of the unreal, the illusory, maya. You and the reality and no more mind in between - suddenly, all that is there is revealed, all mysteries open. But when the mind drops the bridge drops, you and reality become one because now there is no dividing line. Right now, you are there, the mind is there and the world is there: the trinity that all the religions have talked about - the father, the son, the holy ghost. Hindus call it trimurti. You must have seen the three images of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh - three faces together. These three faces disappear, because these three faces are illusory. Hidden just behind these three faces is one. With that one there is no object, no subject; you simply see whatsoever is. That which is, is revealed. But to come to this understanding you will have to understand your illusions, and you have known many. But you never learn anything.

Somebody asked a very old Sufi mystic, Bayazid, when he was dying on his bed, “Would you like to say something about man so he can be profited by it?”

He said, “One thing: man never learns.”

You have passed through many experiences, and what have you learned? You remain the same, you go on playing the same game. Have you watched this, that you remain the same? Situations may differ, but the game remains the same.

You fall in love with one woman. The moment you fall in love, you cannot believe that a moment will come when this love will disappear - you cannot believe it! It is simply impossible to think that your love can disappear. Then it disappears, then you are fed-up with the woman. The same woman was your dream, your desire; if you had not possessed her you would have cried and wept your whole life. You possessed her, you achieved, and sooner or later the boredom sets in. You are fed-up, you would like to escape. In that moment you never think back. You never move backwards and see that this is the same woman that you were mad for. One day you were mad to get her, now you are mad to get away from her. One day you were thinking that this was the most beautiful person in the world, and now this same person is the most disgusting. How often do husbands think of killing their wives? How often do wives think of killing their husbands? How often do children, small children, think of killing their parents?

A small boy came back home from school and he was very sad. The mother asked, “What is the matter? Why are you so sad?”

He said, “There was a psychoanalyst in our school. He came to test all the boys, and I am the only abnormal one, so I am sad.”

The mother said, “What is your abnormality? What has he said?”

The boy said, “He asked a question, that the children should write whether they would like to kill their parents or not, and I am the only one who wrote no. Everybody else wrote yes, so the psychoanalyst said, ‘You are the only abnormal child. Every child wants to kill his parents.’”

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