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Chapter 25: Future Is Only a Word to Keep You Going

And you will be surprised, these psychoanalysts go for their own psychoanalysis to other psychoanalysts, because they are having the same rubbish in their own heads. The East, without going into this, has managed to create the most awakened people - with no mental sickness, no schizophrenia, no madness. My feeling is that if we make a great effort to bring to the notice of psychoanalysts that what they are doing is wrong and the starting point should be meditation, they will be the one to fight against meditation. They will a thousand and one reasons to fight against it. For the simple reason, because their whole profession, which has become a big profession all around the world.. Jews are very good in founding professions. Jesus founded Christianity, Sigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis. But Jews have a quality, to create a profession out of nothing. Neither Jesus has anything to offer, nor Sigmund Freud. Now half the world is behind Jesus and most of the intelligentsia is behind Sigmund Freud.

My basic criticism remains the same.