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Chapter 38: Enough Just to Be with Me

A man of meditation knows there is no death. And if this kind of fear exists in the founder of a school called analytical psychology, what can you expect from his disciples?

Jung himself was a disciple of Sigmund Freud. And the reason they had to part was a very funny one. Sigmund Freud was very much afraid of ghosts. Even the word “ghost” was enough to make him go into a fit, and he would start foaming at the mouth. So every disciple knew that the word “ghost” was never to be mentioned before him. And this is the founder of psychoanalysis! These people are sick themselves. Because Jung continued to use the word “ghost,” and three times made Freud go into a fit, that was too much. The third time, when he came out of the fit, Freud told Jung, “You just get lost! I don’t want to hear anything that makes me sick.”

But what is the fear in ghosts? Why is he so afraid - such trembling, such fear? And Freud was psychoanalyzing hundreds of people’s dreams, but he never allowed any of his disciples to psychoanalyze his dreams. He himself was not psychoanalyzed. Strange.the founder should be available for his own method.

The reason is clear. Freud knew what his dreams were, and how he had been interpreting others’ dreams - making everything symbolic of sexuality. If somebody sees a rocket in the dream, that is a phallic symbol. Anything! He was very clever at making symbols, interpreting them as your repressed sex. And that was the fear: because these disciples have become experts, now they will interpret his dreams as repressed sexuality - which he never wanted the world to know. But this is not the way of the seeker, the way of truth.

Psychotherapy’s days are numbered. As meditation spreads, psychotherapy will start shrinking. If we can spread meditation around the earth, psychotherapy will simply disappear. There is no use for it, and it has not helped in any way.

And you should not get into the mud of psychotherapy - because to get into it is very easy but to get out of it is very difficult. You go on digging, and you go on finding more and more mud; there is no end to it. Mind has an infinite store of dreams, thoughts, desires, repressions, perversions.

There are people who have been psychoanalyzed for fifteen years continuously, but their psychoanalysis is not complete. There is not even a single man in the whole world whose psychoanalysis is complete. He is exactly at the same stage where he had started fifteen years ago - although his bank balance has disappeared.

Meditation takes you to being.

It is a direct route to the beyond.

And once the master is there, mind immediately surrenders. In that surrender is health, because the master is in his place and the servant is in his place; the harmony is restored. And to be harmonious is all that health means.

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