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Chapter 3: The Real Ecstasy

She claims that you taught her everything she knows, and that you were fully aware of the things that she was doing during her period of leadership here, even during your years of silence.

I was only aware of what she was telling me, not fully aware of what was happening. Now I am becoming aware that she was not telling the whole thing to me.

She was telling me only nice things - what she is doing and what is happening. She was not telling the crimes that she was committing. And she has committed every kind of crime.

Do you still feel as you did a week ago, that if she did want to come back you’d welcome her?

Yes, I will welcome her. And I will tell her to confess all her crimes to the court, and we will ask the court that she is sick, psychologically sick, and her punishment should be to be sent to a psychiatric hospital, not to a jail.

If we could change the subject, I’d like to ask a few questions involving your own personal image and how you appear to the outside world. First I’d like to know, why have you chosen to make the Rolls Royce so much a part of your image?

I have not made anything. If my people offer me something with love, I cannot refuse. Although in a subtle way I have refused, because I don’t own those Rolls Royces, they are owned by a corporation, a trust, so ultimately they belong to the sannyasins, not to me. Nothing belongs to me.

I’m curious to know, what do you do during an average day from the time you get up till the time you go to sleep - say, hour by hour or two-hour intervals?

It is completely busy without business. Six o’clock in the morning I wake up. Two hours in my bathroom and swimming pool, which I have always loved.

Then my breakfast, and I go to the meeting of the commune, my everyday discourse. By eleven I am back. I take my lunch, go to sleep for two hours.

Then for one and a half hours I go driving in the mountains. That is the only time that I have for myself. Back again; two hours to the bathroom and the swimming pool. Then I take my supper.

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