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Chapter 4: The Cataract at Luliang

And if there is no love, your life will be without warmth, without any poetry in it. It may be a plain prose, mathematical, logical, rational. But how can one live without poetry? Prose is okay, it is utilitarian, needed, but it can never be life because it can never be a celebration, it can never be festive. And when life is not festive, it is boredom. Poetry is needed, but for poetry you need surrender. You need to throw off this ego. If you can do it, put it aside, even for moments, your life will have glimpses of the beautiful, of the Divine. Without poetry you cannot really live, you can only exist. Love is poetry.

And if love is not possible, how can you pray? Then prayer becomes almost impossible, and, without prayer, you will remain just a body, you will never become aware of the innermost soul. Only in prayer do you reach to the peaks. Prayer is the highest peak of experience, but love opens the door. Prayer allows you into the innermost mystery of life. When you cannot pray, then millions of problems arise.

Carl Gustav Jung, after a whole life of studying thousands of people, thousands of cases of people ill, psychologically defective, psychologically confused, said in his last testament: I have never come across a psychologically ill person whose real problem after the fortieth year is not religion. After the fortieth year.it is just like after the fourteenth year every boy and girl will have to tackle sex - and there will be problems. And if you tackle them wrongly, then those problems will continue, hovering around you.

Exactly as sex becomes mature at the age of fourteen, so a new dimension opens at the age of forty-two. Because every seven years there are biological, psychological and spiritual changes in your being - every seven years. Childhood is finished by the seventh year, by the fourteenth, adolescence is gone, by the twenty-first there are changes - every seventh year. There is a rhythm in life. By the year forty-two a new dimension arises, the dimension of prayer, the religious dimension. And, if you cannot tackle it rightly, if you don’t know what to do, you will be ill, you will lose all rest, you will become restless.

If you cannot love at the age of fourteen, you will not be able to pray at the age of forty-two.

You have been missing, and the whole growth is a continuity. If you miss one step, it becomes discontinuous. The child gathers ego - he cannot love, and he cannot be at ease with anybody. The ego is constantly in fight. You may be sitting silently, but the ego is constantly in fight, just looking, watching how to dominate, how to become dictatorial, how to become the most supreme-most person in the world.

This creates problems everywhere. In friendship, sex, prayer, love, society, everywhere you are in conflict. Even with the parents who have given this ego to you there is conflict. It is rarely that a son forgives his father, rarely that a woman forgives her mother. Rarely.

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