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Chapter 10: You Can’t Win ’em All

That’s why God said: “Don’t eat the fruit of this tree!” This is simple psychology. What Christians say, if they are true, means that God is not even as much a psychologist as Freud is. This is simple psychology, that if you prevent somebody from some-thing, that something becomes more attractive, more magnetic.

If you say, “Don’t do this!” you can be sure it will be done. Every parent knows this, and God is the ultimate parent. Will He not know it?

There is a story: Freud had gone in a garden with his wife and child, and they walked around and it was a beautiful spring evening. They forgot about the child, and then it was time for the closing; the bell was ringing and everybody was to get out. The wife was very much disturbed and she said, “But where is the child? He has disappeared!” And it was a big park.

Freud said, “Tell me only one thing: did you prevent him from going somewhere?”

And she said, “Yes, I told him not to go to the fountain.”

Then he said, “Let us go. If my insight is right, he will be there at the fountain.”

And he was found at the fountain.

The wife was very much puzzled; she said, “How could you know?”

Freud said, “This is simple psychology. Every parent should know.”

No, I cannot trust the Christian interpretation, because that makes God look very foolish. I would like Him to do what I am saying! He must have planned it, knowing perfectly well that if Adam is prevented from eating, is told, commanded, ordered, if an absolute order is given, “Never touch the fruit of that tree!” then it is absolutely certain that he will eat it.

But maybe.Adam was the first man and was not aware of the ways of man yet, was the first child and may have been an obedient child. There are obedient people also. And God must have waited for a few days and Adam had not gone to the tree; He must have become the serpent. Now He must have tried through the woman, because when you cannot do anything to the man, the right way is through the woman. He must have tried through the woman. He must have talked to Eve. He succeeded.

That’s why I say the serpent and the savior are one.

And in the East, the serpent has never been in the service of the devil; it has always been in the service of God. In the East, this is our symbology: that the serpent is inside you, coiled at your sex center; it is called kundalini - coiled serpent. It is there, asleep, at the lowest rung. The tree of life is your spine - that holds your life, it is your trunk. It nourishes you, your shape runs through it, and the serpent is lying there.

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