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Chapter 29: The Crescendo of the Insanity of Centuries

The old doctor retired and a new doctor came. So there was a farewell party and a welcome party also for the new doctor. The old doctor who was retiring spoke first. There was not a single clap. Nobody laughed, nobody seemed even to hear him or what he was talking about. There was utter silence as if there was nobody present. And when the new doctor stood up people clapped, enjoyed, a few people started dancing.

The new doctor said, “This is strange. The old doctor who has served them his whole life is retiring, and they remain completely silent; they did not even clap once.”

So when the meeting was over he asked a madman, “What is the matter? Why did you misbehave with the old man? You clapped for me and you don’t know me at all.”

They all said, “The reality is, you look just like one of us. We were so happy to find you. That man was a problem. He was continuously worried - and here nobody is worried; things are running very smoothly.”

No war, no murder, no suicide - and it is one of the strangest things that mad people rarely fall sick. If they are sick they become healthy. Mad people are healthy people, because all the problems that can create mental tension and can affect your body are no longer there. Their bodies are natural, and they become innocent like children.

The new doctor was very much shocked when he heard the real reason for their clapping and joyous shouts and why a few started dancing. When he heard that they thought that he was one of them, he looked a little crazy.

In fact, one of the great psychologists, Adler, has created a psychology around will to power. And one day he was in his class. He said to his disciples who he was preparing for the new psychology, “The people who become teachers are the people who want to dominate others, and that is the easiest way to dominate; small children cannot do anything much about it. The people who become politicians suffer from inferiority complex. To hide that they try to magnify their ego as much as they can - until it bursts.”

And he was explaining about every kind of profession - why people choose a certain profession. One young man stood up and he said, “You have left one profession out completely, the profession of the psychologist.”

Adler was silent. He could not answer because the answer was clear. The student said, “Perhaps you cannot say it, but I will have to say to complete the list. The people who tend to become psychologists are people who are psychologically sick.”

In fact, neurotics, psychotics, all kinds of nuts, enter into the world of psychology. That is the most beautiful hiding place they can find. They become experts about madness, but deep down they are mad people. I have studied the lives of psychologists and I have been really surprised that these people should have been in madhouses. They are treating mad people, and they are the most highly paid profession in the world.

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