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Chapter 3: Out of Context

Millions are there who are Christians, and they don’t know what Christ-consciousness is, and they go on reading the Bible. And millions are there who are Buddhists, and they don’t know what Buddha-consciousness is, and they go on reading the Diamond Sutra. And millions are there who are Hindus, and they don’t know what Krishna-consciousness is, and they go on reading the Gita. Hence the confusion in the world. Hence so much stupidity in the world, unintelligence in the world, mediocrity in the world.

People read the Sermon on the Mount, or the Bible, or the Gita, or the Dhammapada, but the meaning? - the meaning is going to be yours. Meaning cannot be that of Jesus or Krishna or Mohammed Always remember: when you are reading the Bible, be very conscious, cautious, that it is your meaning that you are reading there. You cannot read what Jesus means. You can read that only when you have attained something of Jesus’ self-remembering.

This is the keyword in Sufism: self-remembering. It is not a doctrine; it is a discipline. It is not magic, ritual; it is science, it is real psychology. That is the literal meaning of the word psychology: the science of the soul. The Western psychology has no right to call itself psychology; it is not the science of the soul. On the contrary, it denies the existence of the soul. It is so absurd to call it psychology. It only studies the behavior - and not even the behavior of man, but the behavior of rats, to understand the behavior of man. It reduces man to rats. Rats have the keys: it thinks if you can understand the rat and the rat’s mind you will be able to understand man and man’s mind.

In the East we have thought just the diametrically polar opposite: unless you understand a Buddha, you will not understand man. Just see the difference. Skinner says if we can understand the mind of the rat we will be able to understand the mind of man. Man is nothing but a little more complicated rat. The rat is simple, can be understood more easily. Hence the obsession of the psychologists to study the rat.

The Eastern psychology, which is really psychology, says unless you understand Buddha you will not understand man - because man is just a seed. How can you understand the seed unless you have seen a tree? fully grown, with foliage, with flowers, with fruits? Unless the seed has manifested itself totally and has come to be actual, is not only potential, you will not be able to understand it. If you want to understand the seed, go and study the tree. By studying the tree you will know what the seed is and what the seed can be.

In the East we understand Buddha to understand man. In the West you understand rats to understand man. This is humiliating. This is insulting.

Western psychology is not psychology yet. It should drop the name! It is only a study of outer behavior, but not of the inner consciousness. It denies that there is anything inner.

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