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Chapter 3: Look In and Find It

On the second level, it is just a matter of bringing out a question, going along to break through; this is like Rinzai questioning Obaku and getting hit sixty times.

Western psychology is aware of a certain state of mind they call “breakdown.” When a person is too tense, so that he cannot hold himself together, then it is a breakdown. He goes insane. He cannot keep his personality, his mask, anymore. The burden is so much that he is dying under it. He tries hard, but there is no way - the tension goes on growing. The more he tries to control himself, to keep himself in control, the more difficult it becomes. Sooner or later a breakdown is absolutely inevitable.

But Western psychology does not know anything about the “breakthrough.” Breakdown is leading you towards insanity, and breakthrough is leading you to an open, transcendental sky. Breakdown is losing your mind and becoming just a vegetable. Breakthrough is also losing your mind but gaining something far bigger, far greater - a pure consciousness. Breakdown is simply losing your mind. The small consciousness that you had - even that is gone; now you are just a vegetable. You may be a cabbage, or a cauliflower, because those who know, say there are two categories of vegetables, cabbage and cauliflower. Cauliflower is with a college education; cabbage is just a villager with no education at all.

But it does not matter whether the madman is educated or uneducated. Mostly the educated man goes mad. The uneducated never has too many tensions. He never worries about any war, he never worries about nuclear missiles. He is not concerned about all these things; he is a simple man. It is impossible for him to be mad.

But the educated man.as he becomes more educated, he becomes more aware of the tremendous problems that humanity is facing. He’s also a part of it. Whatever is going to happen he will also be in it. His tensions increase. Ordinary men will not understand his tensions because the ordinary man’s comprehension does not include the problems of tremendous significance, problems such that they can even destroy all life in existence. But breakdown, whether educated or uneducated, leaves behind just an insane being.

Breakthrough is going beyond mind, not below mind. Breakthrough brings you to the open sky of your being. It also leaves the mind behind, but it becomes the master of the mind. The master is awake now - is at home. And the servant who has been there taking care of the home has even forgotten about the master, because it has been thousands of years since the master has been at home. The servant has become the master - obviously.

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