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Chapter 43: The Blessed Ones

You said buddha is a state of no-mind. Then how can there be any psychology of the buddhas?
Please explain.

There can only be a psychology of the buddhas. The man who is in the mind cannot be objective about it. It is as if a madman were doing research on madness. Apparently - it looks logical - because he is mad he can do research on madness. But it is not so in reality. Only one who is sane can look at all the dimensions of insanity objectively. The madman is not in a position to see anything, to understand anything.

The same is the situation about the mind. One is in the mind and is trying to create a psychology: it is an impossible task. He can create only a fictitious psychology. That’s why there are so many psychologies; otherwise there can only be one psychology - just as there can be only one physics, one chemistry. There cannot be schools of psychology contradicting each other, refuting each other, arguing against each other, trying to prove themselves the real psychology.

Sigmund Freud has never known anything beyond the mind that can give him the right to study the mind. He is immersed in it, he is it. Who is going to understand it? The understanding is always from the beyond - some distance is needed. So whatever he creates is a beautiful fiction. His own disciples start creating their own fictions. Alfred Adler created another fiction. Carl Gustav Jung created still another fiction. They are all irrelevant. Nobody can prove who is right, because they are all wrong - wrong for the simple reason that living in the mind you cannot look at it from a detached space, which is the basic scientific method.

If you are studying tomatoes, one thing is absolutely necessary: that you should not be a tomato. You can be anything else. The state of the awakened person is a state beyond mind. He can see from the top of the hill into the dark valleys of the mind. The hilltop is full of sunlight. His vision is clear, he has no prejudices, he has no preconceived ideologies. He has left them far behind in the valley where everybody is a bigot, everybody is conditioned, everybody is either a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, or a Buddhist, or a communist.

Everybody has become identified with a certain ideology. He has lost the clarity of vision, he is clouded. And he looks through those clouds, and everything becomes perverted.

Sigmund Freud turns everything into sex. It is not true; everything is not sex. Sex is one of the most significant parts of life, but everything is not sex. But the way of seeing.he has colored glasses on his eyes. Whatever he sees, immediately his mind translates it into some sex symbol.

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