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Chapter 6: The Three Psychologies

So there are three types of psychologies. One, pathological: all Western psychologies are pathological. Only very recently some wholistic trends which think about the healthy person are gaining strength, but they are just at the beginning. Even the first steps have not been taken. There are psychologies of the second type which think about the healthy person, which are based on the healthy mind - those are the Eastern psychologies. Buddhism has a very, very penetrating psychology; Patanjali has his own psychology. They are based on healthy people: to help a healthy person become more healthy, to help a healthy person attain to greater health. Pathological psychologies help ill people to become healthy.

Then there is a third type. What Gurdjieff used to call the ultimate psychology is as yet undeveloped. That type has to depend on Buddha. It has not been developed yet, because where to go to study a buddha, and how to study a buddha? And only one buddha won’t do, you will have to study many. Then only can you come to conclusions. But some day that psychology will happen, it is a must. It must be there because only that can give you the total perception into human consciousness.

Freud, Jung, Janov, they all remain ill. They have never worked it out on their own. Stumbling in the dark, groping in the dark, they come to some fragments and then they think that those fragments are complete systems. Whenever a fragment is claimed as a complete system it becomes a lie. A fragment is a fragment.

Eastern psychologies are for healthy people, to help you to become more whole. And my effort will be to work out a psychology of the third type, the psychology of the buddhas, because that will give you the perfect penetration into the whole of human consciousness.

Psychologies based on pathologies are good; they help ill people. But that can never be the goal. It is good, but just to become healthy, normal, is nothing much. Just to be normal is nothing much because everybody else is normal. It is bad to be ill because you suffer, but it is not much good to be normal because normal people are suffering in millions of ways. In fact, to be normal means only to adjust to the society. The society itself may be abnormal, the whole society may be itself ill. To adjust to it only means you are normally abnormal, that’s all. That’s not much of a gain. You have to go beyond social normality. You have to go beyond the social madness. Then only, for the first time do you become healthy.

Eastern psychologies: Yoga, Zen, Sufism, all help healthy people to become more healthy and holy. The third type of psychology is needed, urgently needed, because without it you don’t have the goal, the perception of the very end. That has to be worked out. Gurdjieff tried his best but couldn’t succeed. The climate was not ripe. I am trying towards that again. It is difficult to succeed in it, but the possibility is there and one has to go on trying. If even a little more light is thrown on the perfect, the last, the ultimate psychology of man, even that is good, very helpful.

Enough for today.