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Chapter 22: The Greatest Discovery There Is

You have not only a profound understanding of human nature but also you have the know-how to transform it. You are a perfect master. How is it that western and eastern psychologists are not recognizing you? Do these human scientists feel jealous and offended by you? Please comment.

There are many things to be understood.

First, the psychology that prevails all over the world is Western psychology. Eastern psychology has been completely forgotten. Even in Eastern universities, everything is from the West - borrowed, second-hand - particularly with psychology.

But the East has devoted thousands of years to human consciousness and it has come to very basic realizations about human evolution. To ignore Eastern psychology is to ignore man’s future and his evolution. Because nature has completed its work. Nature cannot go beyond man; it has come to its ultimate production. Now, the whole burden of evolution is on human shoulders.

But unfortunately, Western psychology is materialistic, which means it denies man a soul, a spirit, a being which is immortal beyond this framework of your body.

This happened because of a natural historical coincidence. All the sciences are about matter. Physics is about the most interior constituents of matter - so is chemistry, so is the whole panorama of human scientific endeavor. Psychology is in wrong company. All these sciences are studying objects. Psychology’s world is the subjectivity of man, not the objects around him.

But because in these three hundred years sciences have been developing on a materialist basis.and they have been succeeding, the very word scientific has become prestigious. Just to say that something is scientific is enough to say that is right. Once you hear the word scientific, you have already agreed, there is no question of argument anymore. If science has established something, then there is no need to doubt it. The scientists themselves have doubted enough and have tried from every possible angle; if they have come to a conclusion, it must be so.

In the midst of scientific progress, psychology was born. Naturally, it chose to be part of scientific growth.

Another thing has been happening for three hundred years: Christianity has been behaving with scientists and science in a very crude, primitive, superstitious, illogical, violent way. And because science went on succeeding in spite of the opposition of the religions, the religions lost their prestige, their credit, and science became the only rightful search for truth. In such an atmosphere, psychology was born.

Everybody was trying to prove that whatever he was doing was scientific; unless it was scientific, it would not be accepted by humanity at large.

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