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Chapter 23: When You Meet Me Just Say Good-bye

To be in the presence of the master is to disappear as a separate entity. It is just like the dropping of a dewdrop from the lotus leaf into the ocean - not that the dewdrop disappears, it simply becomes the ocean.

Now something serious. I really mean serious. Niskriya, awake! He was falling asleep..

Farmer Rumple is getting on in years, but the pretty young wench who milks his cows catches his eye.

He decides to marry her and they settle down happily at the farmhouse.

Some time later, Farmer Rumple goes to visit his doctor.

“I have this problem,” he says. “I don’t get the urge very often, but sometimes it happens when I’m out in the fields, and by the time I run back to my wife at the farmhouse, it is gone!”

“Well,” says the doctor, thoughtfully, “why don’t you take your gun with you, so when you get the urge, you can fire off a shot and she can come running to you?”

“Great idea!” says Rumple and goes home.

All is well until one day the doctor sees the farmer looking a bit miserable.

“How is your love life?” asks the doctor.

“It was wonderful since you gave me that advice,” says Rumple.

“And how is your lovely wife?” asks the doctor.

“Well,” replies Rumple, “that is just it. I have hardly seen her at all since the hunting season started!”

A psychology professor is teaching a class, and tells his students that he is going to conduct a sex survey. He says to the class, “If you have sex once a day, raise your hand.”

About fifteen percent of the students raise their hands. “Okay,” he continues; “if you have sex three times a week, raise your hand.”

About forty percent do so.

“Interesting,” he says. “If you have sex once a week, raise your hand.”

About twenty percent do so.

The professor then asks, “If you have sex once a month, raise your hand.”

A few hands go up. Then as an afterthought he says, “If you have sex once a year, raise your hand.”

A little guy at the back of the class waves wildly, grinning from ear to ear.

“Why are you so happy?” asks the professor.

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