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Chapter 1: The Buddha Within

Remember that you are in the body, but you are not the body; let that be a continuous awareness in you. You live in the body, and the body is a beautiful abode. Remember, I am not for a single moment hinting that you become anti-body, that you start denying the body as the so-called spiritualists have done down the ages. The materialists go on thinking that the body is all that is, and there are people who move to the opposite extreme, and they start saying that the body is illusory, the body is not! “Destroy the body so the illusion is destroyed, and you can become really real.”

This other extreme is a reaction. The materialist creates his own reaction in the spiritualist, but they are partners in the same business; they are not very different people. The body is beautiful, the body is real, the body has to be lived, the body has to be loved. The body is a great gift of God. Not for a single moment be against it, and not for a single moment think that you are only it. You are far bigger. Use the body as a jumping board.

The second is: psychosomatic, svadisthan. Freudian psychoanalysis functions there. It goes a little higher than Skinner and Pavlov. Freud enters into the mysteries of the psychological a little bit more. He’s not just a behaviorist, but he never goes beyond dreams. He goes on analyzing the dreams.

The dream exists as an illusion in you. It is indicative, it is symbolic, it has a message from the unconscious to be revealed to the conscious. But there is no point in just getting caught in it. Use the dream, but don’t become the dream. You are not the dream.

And there is no need to make so much fuss about it, as Freudians go on making. Their whole effort seems to be moving in the dimension of the dream world. Take note of it, take a very, very clear standpoint about it, understand its message, and there is no need really to go to anybody else for your dream analysis. If you cannot analyze your dream nobody else can, because your dream is your dream. And your dream is so personal that nobody else can dream the way you dream. Nobody has ever dreamed the way you dream, nobody will ever dream the way you dream; nobody can explain it to you. His interpretation will be his interpretation. Only you can look into it. And in fact there is no need to analyze the dream: look at the dream in its totality, with clarity, with alertness, and you will see the message. It is so loud! There is no need to go for psychoanalysis for three, four, five, seven years.

A person who is dreaming every night, and in the day is going to the psychoanalyst to be analyzed, becomes by and by surrounded by dreamy-stuff. Just as the first becomes too much obsessed with the muladhara, the physical, the second becomes too much obsessed with the sexual.because the second - the realm of psychosomatic reality - is sex. The second starts interpreting everything in terms of sex. Whatsoever you do, go to the Freudian and he will reduce it to sex. Nothing higher exists for him. He lives in the mud, he does not believe in the lotus. You bring a lotus flower to him, he will look at it and reduce it to the mud. He will say, “This is nothing, this is just dirty mud. Has it not come out of dirty mud? If it has come out of dirty mud then it has to be dirty mud.” Reduce everything to its cause, and that is the real.

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