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Chapter 36: To Each His Own Song

Man and woman are two sides of one coin. One side is showing, the other side is hidden. If you are a man, your feminine side is hidden - but it is there, and it affects your life. It is better to recognize it, understand it. It is better to come to a synthesis between man and woman. Drop the Aristotelian idea that man is man, woman is woman, A is A, B is B; no, A is both, B is both. All contradictions have to be brought into a synthetic, organic unity.

But because Aristotle has remained a tremendous influence on Western thinking, Sigmund Freud created psychoanalysis; man’s mind has to be analyzed. There are millions of psychotherapists around the earth today, and this is the most highly-paid profession. And there is not even a single person in the whole world who is fully psychoanalyzed, the very effort is impossible.

You go on analyzing, and the mind goes on creating new thoughts, new dreams, new projections, new illusions. There is no end to it; there are people who have been in psychoanalysis for fifteen years and they have reached nowhere. Yes, they have given a large amount of money to the psychoanalyst, thinking that when analysis is complete they will be again healthy and whole. But the psychoanalysis can never be complete. The very effort is directed into a wrong dimension.

Psychosynthesis can be complete. And psychosynthesis should work differently. There is one Italian psychologist, Assagioli, who has created a philosophy of psychosynthesis against Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. But the unfortunate part is that it is still within the framework of Aristotelian logic.

Psychoanalysis is one polarity, psychosynthesis is the opposite of it - the same game, just the names are different. Assagioli is using a better name, but it is not of any help.

Socrates has to be revived again, Aristotle has to be removed. And that’s what I am doing here: bringing Socrates back to life - because Socrates is essentially the East, where analysis has never existed - nobody has ever thought about it - where organic unity has always been the goal to be achieved.

So if a man is sick, that simply means that religions, cultures, civilizations have made him split, they have divided him. They have told him the body is separate, the soul is separate; matter is separate, the spirit is separate; this world is separate, that world is separate; materialism and spiritualism are enemies.

I call the new man Zorba the Buddha, for the simple reason that to me materialism and spiritualism are not separate, they are inseparable. The moment you make them separate, you make humanity sick. And all analysis is separation, division.

There is no need - you are already existing in unity, your body and your soul are existing together in tremendous harmony. But if you are being told to be against the body, fight the body, control the body, inhibit the desires of the body, then naturally you are going to become schizophrenic. And the whole of humanity is in that situation.

Everybody who belongs to any organized religion is schizophrenic, he is not whole. And unless you are whole, you can never be holy. None of your saints are holy, because they have missed the basic thing - they are not whole. They have chosen a part, and they have destroyed other parts of their being. They are partial.

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