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Chapter 14: Session 14

Sigmund Freud has done great work in creating psychoanalysis, but it is only half. The other half is Psychosynthesis done by Assagioli - but it too is only half, the other half. My work is the whole: Psychothesis.

Psychoanalysis and psychosynthesis, both of these sciences are worth studying. Psychosynthesis is very rarely read because Assagioli is not a towering figure like Freud; he has not been able to reach the same heights. But he should be read by all sannyasins. It is not that he is right and Freud is wrong; both are wrong taken separately. They are right only when they are put together. And that’s my whole work: to put all the pieces together like a jigsaw.

Ninth.. I have always appreciated Kahlil Gibran; I would like to appreciate him once more before I condemn him. Don’t worry, I am not just saying the word condemn lightly, I am really saying it. Ninth is Kahlil Gibran’s book Prose Poems - beautiful. Nobody in the modern world, except Rabindranath Tagore, can write such prose poetry.

It is strange that both are foreigners to the English language. Perhaps that is why they can write such poetic language. They come from different languages: Kahlil Gibran from Arabic, which is immensely poetic, pure poetry; and Rabindranath from Bengali, which is even more poetic than Arabic. In fact if you see two Bengalis fighting you will be surprised because you will think that they are exchanging loving words among themselves. You will not be able to conceive that they are fighting. Even in fighting the Bengali is poetic.

I know it from my own experience. I was in Bengal and saw people fighting - sheer poetry! I was amazed. When I came to Maharashtra I saw people just talking, gossiping, and I was worried: were they fighting? Should the police be informed? Marathi is such a language that you cannot say sweet nothings in it. It is harsh, hard. It is a fighting language.

It is strange that the English have appreciated both Kahlil Gibran and Rabindranath, but they have not learned anything from them. They have not learned the secret of their success. What is the secret of their success? Their “poeticness.”

Tenth: This is a book by Kahlil Gibran which I never wanted to condemn publicly, because I love the man. But I have to do it so that it is on record that I can condemn a man even though I love him, if his words do not represent the truth.

The book is Thoughts and Meditations. Now, I cannot agree with it, and because of it I know that Kahlil Gibran never knew what meditation is. In this book “meditations” are nothing but contemplations; only then can they go with thoughts. Ashu, you don’t have to go with thoughts, you have to go with meditation - with me, not with Kahlil Gibran. So go higher. Unless you achieve it I am going to stop talking like this very soon. I want to affirm my transcendence in every way. No buddha has done it before. I want to be a pioneer.