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Chapter 21: Medicine Heals the Body, Meditation Heals the Soul

Vidyasagar was sitting just in front. He jumped on the stage, took off his shoe and started beating the villain. There was great silence. The villain took the shoe from his hand and said, “This is my life’s greatest prize. I had never thought that a man of even the wisdom of Vidyasagar would be so identified, and forget that he is seeing simply a drama - no rape is happening.”

He refused to return the shoe. He kept the shoe in a beautiful glass case in his house as a memory, and he would show it with pride to everyone: “This shoe belongs to Ishwachandra Vidyasagar, the man completely forgot that this is a drama and became identified.”

But this is our actual situation. What is happening in your mind is just a screen: thoughts moving, dreams moving. You can sit aside and see it all just as a spectator, a witness. You need not even judge, because the moment you judge you become identified. You say, “This is good, this is bad.” Then you want to keep the good and drop the bad.

When you are absolutely a witness, there is no judgment. You are simply a mirror reflecting whatsoever is happening.

Any man who can learn a little bit of meditation can get out of all mind sicknesses. There is no need for years and years of psychoanalysis, it is simply stupid. And there is not a single man on the whole earth whose psychoanalysis is complete; it can never be complete. There are people who have been in psychoanalysis for fifteen years, changing psychoanalysts, hoping perhaps if not with Freudians then with Jungians, if not with Jungians then Adlerians. But the problem remains the same.

Great analysis is being done, it is one of the greatest profession today - and absolutely based on nonsense.

There is no need to analyze anybody’s dreams. What is needed is to wake up the man so dreams stop. But that will go against the whole profession.

If meditation spreads, psychoanalysis and other schools - differing in small details but not basically - are bound to disappear.

The health of the mind is not to be sought in the mind itself. The mind itself is sickness.

So there are degrees of sickness. Somebody is average sick so you don’t think that he is a mental case - just average sick like everybody else. Somebody is a little more; you think he is a little eccentric. Somebody is a little more and you start becoming afraid; he seems to be dangerous. He can do anything - he becomes unpredictable. He becomes afraid of himself too; he does not know what he can do. He can kill himself, he can kill somebody - he has no control over himself.

Now the only way is psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, psychosynthesis. All these can help him to become average sick at the most. If they succeed they can bring him back to the level of everybody else.

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