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Chapter 6: Grace Is Being Herenow

So ask why you are not graceful - and look into the causes, and you will find the basic cause is psychological time. The basic cause is: always being entangled with the non-existential, so the past and the future go on pulling you into two separate dimensions. Hence grace disappears, you are pulled apart. How can you be graceful?

Seeing it, looking into the fact, you start laughing - then don’t be pulled! There is nobody else really who is pulling you. You are allowing it. It is your own doing. When you see that “It is I who am allowing this-psychological mind to function, not only allowing but supporting it, pouring my energy into it” - seeing the fact that this is destroying your benediction, your blessing, your bliss, you pull your hands away, you don’t support it any more. That’s all. Without being supported by you it starts shattering, falling. Once it has disappeared there is grace.

Grace is absence of time: grace is presence of eternity.

The second question:

Is something essentially missing in Western psychotherapies?

It is not only that something essentially is missing in Western psychotherapies - the essential is missing! The Western psychotherapies are still objective, from the outside. They have not yet come to the point where meditation becomes the most important thing in psychotherapy. They are still looking from the outside - they are looking at the behavior.

Behavior is the outermost expression of your psychology, but it is not the source. It is the outcome, the by-product. The Western psychotherapies are still pruning the leaves of a tree. By pruning the leaves of a tree you cannot destroy the tree. They have not yet reached to the roots; those roots are hidden underground. They are looking aboveground. When you look at the tree you rend to forget the roots - they are not visible, they are not obvious. Roots are not so foolish as to be obvious; roots are not so foolish as to be there, very apparent. They are hiding themselves; they are the secret source of the tree. The secret source has to remain at the most secret place so nobody approaches it easily. Exactly the same is the case with man.

Western psychology still goes on thinking about the leaves and the branches and the foliage, and the outer expression of psychology. But from where it all arises - the source, the innermost core of it - is still not tapped, it remains untouched.

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