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Chapter 6: A Lot - and Nothing

Amrito is a very simple and loving person. She is not rich; she has only a small juice bar. And still the police went to the juice bar and tried to find out strange things with which the police had no concern - that it was not clean. Of course it was not clean, because for three days she had been out of the country. And it was not clean because for fifteen days she was on the island of Crete with me, so only the servant was running it. But that is not a crime - at least not for the police. Perhaps the municipal authorities who look for cleanliness in restaurants, hotels may have come - but they were not there; the police were finding faults.

But I have told her to go back and give a fight, because she has not done anything wrong. Everything wrong is on the part of the government. Because they could not do any harm to me, afraid of its international results, they found a scapegoat: they can harass her, they can torture a woman who is divorced, has a little child, an old mother, and she is the only earning person. And what earning can come out of a juice bar?

These people always throw their crimes on the masses - and the masses are dumb. And history is really bunk: there are more lies in history books than anywhere else. The incident was small, but the implications were great.

I had not stepped out of the house, I was not talking in Greek. The people of the country could not understand me. The people who were listening to me were all from outside of Greece. To say that I am corrupting the minds of youth, destroying the morality of the country, its tradition, its church, the family.but the people who were listening to me were not Greek! In what way could I have had any effect on their morality, on their religion?

But it seems bureaucracy does not think; it simply lives out of fear. The fear is that somebody could raise questions about the very roots of their society. But it is foolish because wherever I am, I am going to do the same, and my word is going to reach everywhere in the world.

What can I do if their roots are rotten? What can I do if their morality is not morality but only a pretension? What can I do if their marriage is hypocrisy and not love? What can I do if the family has been outlived, and needs to be replaced by something better? It has done its work. It has done a few good things which can be done in a different way. It has done a few very dangerous, poisonous things which can be avoided.

The family, as it has existed down the ages, cannot be allowed to exist. If it exists, then man has to die. To save man we have to change the social structure around him, to bring a new man - because the old has been an utter failure.

For ten thousand years at least, we have moved on the same lines - reaching nowhere. It is time to understand that we have taken a wrong route. It is stale; it leads to death. It does not allow people joy, rejoicing; it does not allow people to sing and to dance. It makes people serious, heavy - for themselves and for others.

In the family are the seeds of all wars, of all religions, of all nations. That’s why they call the family, the “unit of our civilization.” There is no civilization and the unit is rotten. It creates only a pathological man, who needs all kinds of psychotherapies and still remains pathological. We have not been able to create a sane humanity.

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