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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

I would like them to come back and be treated in the university here. We have all kinds of psychotherapies. Because in my understanding, every criminal is a sick person psychologically. I don’t believe in punishment; punishment is barbarious, and all the courts of the world and all the governments of the world and all the laws of the world are still barbarious.

For example, a man wants to commit suicide and is caught. Then the court sentences him to death. Great minds! He has failed in committing suicide; now they are killing him because he was trying to kill himself.

Just running out of tape.


What changes can we expect to see now that Sheela and her gang have gone?

Every wrong that they were doing has also gone with them. But let me first finish my question. These tapes change at wrong times!

It’s not another journalist trick, let me tell you.

No, it is not journalist trick, but they are part of the journalism.

It is our baggage.

Yes. I was saying that the very idea of punishment has failed, yet it goes on continuing. You have never converted any criminal by punishment, changed his heart or changed his behavior. You have really made him a bigger criminal by sending him to the prison.

Your prisons are universities for criminology. So your courts go on growing, your police force goes on growing, your legal experts go on growing, at the expense of the poor criminals. A great business is going on around the world and the criminals don’t diminish at all. They are growing faster than your courts. And nobody sees a simple fact, that anybody who commits a rape must be having a repressed sexuality, so much so that he becomes obsessed with it, almost possessed by it, and does something which he would have never done if he was in his senses. All that he need is psychiatric treatment.

The rape he has committed is not his responsibility. It is the responsibility of all the religions who have been teaching celibacy, repression of sex.

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