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Chapter 2: There Is No Self, No Other

The psychologists are becoming aware that people’s problems are fundamentally religious, so they are turning to be gurus. And the priests and the gurus, seeing that their old theologies, their old gods, are just out of fashion, nobody is interested in those old gods and old scriptures.people may not say anything out of politeness, but the moment you mention the word god people feel a little embarrassed. They start looking sideways. They want to avoid the subject and the topic completely. They don’t want to hear about the angels and heaven and hell. And certainly they are not interested in your so-called great theological problems about how many angels can dance on a single pinpoint. These things look stupid now. Man has grown out of all this. These are hangovers.

So a strange phenomenon is happening. But remember, when the priest talks about psychology he looks stupid, because he is just trying from the back door to bring religion in. He cannot find any other proofs, so now he is leaning on psychology. And psychology cannot give any proofs for religion. So all the proofs that he gathers through psychology are just imaginary, artificial, arbitrary, somehow managed and manipulated, not valid. He looks stupid.

And so is the case with the psychotherapist who turns to be a guru - because it is not only through knowledge that you can become a master: you will have to grow in being. No university can make you ready for it. You will have to go inside yourself; you will have to travel a long way in your inferiority.

So all that the psychologist or the psychotherapist talks about religion remains just bare, mere philosophy. His personality gives no evidence of it.

I have heard:

“There is nothing wrong with you,” said the psychiatrist to his patient. “You are just as sane as I am.”

But, doctor,” cried the patient, as he brushed wildly at himself, “it’s these butterflies - they’re all over me!”

“For heaven’s sake, “cried the doctor, “don’t brush them off on me!”

Now that man is mad - there are no butterflies - but to work with mad people, how, long can you remain sane? It has been the observation of many people that in a madhouse, the maddest person it the doctor. Working with mad people continuously, slowly, slowly rather than changing them, which is very difficult, he becomes changed by them.

In the midst of her psychiatric session. Mrs Blossom suddenly exclaimed, “I think I have taken a fancy to you, doctor! How about a kiss?”

“Absolutely not!” the doctor replied indignantly. “That would be contrary to the ethics of my profession. Now continue as before.”

“Well, as I was saying,” the patient continued, “I’m always having arguments with my husband about his father, and just yesterday.I’m sorry, but it just occurred to me again. What harm would there be if you gave me just one little kiss?”

“That’s absolutely impossible!” the doctor snapped. “In fact, I shouldn’t even be lying on this couch with you!”

The psychotherapist is not much different from you, cannot be. He knows a little bit more than you know about the mind. But by knowing more about the mind, nothing is helped. One has to go beyond the mind.

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