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Chapter 28: Just by Chance

Metro Media, Los Angeles, CA

Hasya: [inaudible].Mary Eckenburg [?] from KT-TV.

Glad to meet you.

Good evening. What a nice way to begin an interview.
We heard a number of things you said this evening, so I will try not to go over the same material again. This is for a television report, and unfortunately television reports are short. So if you will help me by making your answers as short as possible, I would appreciate it. Thank.

Thank you.

.you - Within reason.
Serious question: You knew Sheela for a long time.

Non-serious answer: Not very long, and not very much.

How was she able to fool you, do you think?

Just accidental.

An accident?

Life is accidental. We are talking just an accident, nothing predestined. Somebody else may have been in your place taking the interview, so just by chance. Her.

So she was just by chance, do you think?

Just by chance. Everybody is by chance. There are only two ways to understand life: either everything is determined, then freedom disappears, then you are just puppets, machines; the other way is that everything is accidental, then everything is free and you are not a puppet, you have an individuality.

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