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Chapter 14: It Is Your Mind Again

Rabiya said, “You are still just an intellectual - love and hate are not your existential experiences. I have loved, and my heart is full of love. Now, if the devil comes in front of me, I cannot hate him. From where will I get hate? I can only love him, that’s all that I can share. It is impossible for me to hate him, and if it is impossible for me, the sentence in the Koran is wrong. It is against my existential experience.”

If you are full of love, hate becomes impossible.

The youth around the world are angry, full of hate. This is creating tremendous trouble for them. They are hating those things which have tortured man, but they are forgetting that by hating them, they are poisoning themselves.

I am not saying love them, I am simply saying there is no need to have any emotional relationship with things which are simply lies: God, the devil - simply lies, inventions of man’s mind and his fear.

These people may look to the so-called religious as if they are against religion, they are talking against God. That’s not true. They are still in a relationship with God. They may have changed from love to hate, but God exists. The first part of their sentence is illogical, it does not fit with the second part. And the first part is only intellectual, the second part is emotional.

The first part is only in the head, and the second part is in the heart, and whenever it is a question of choice, head cannot be chosen against the heart.

The heart is your relationship with existence.

The head is your relationship with the society.

The head is full of all kinds of lies that society has used to exploit you, but the society cannot reach to your heart.

That is one of your great privileges - that the hands, the ugly hands of the society cannot reach to your heart. But now you yourself are doing that: the society cannot create hate in your heart, but you are creating hate in your heart for God. Now, God does not deserve even hate; he simply does not exist. You have to be free, completely free from God. And a humanity free from God will be for the first time tasting real freedom.

If God is there above your head, you are just a creature made out of mud. The English word human comes from humus which means mud. The Hebrew word adam comes from humus: it means mud. You are just made of mud, puppets made of mud.

God has given you great dignity, great love, great respect. And the people who have been preaching this God to you perhaps are unaware of all the implications of it. If God is there, then for everything good and bad he is responsible. He is responsible for the devil, he is responsible for anything that is evil. He is responsible for anything that goes wrong in you. He is the creator - he should have known better.

If God is there, then there is only one criminal, one sinner, and you are all absolutely innocent. You are puppets, and puppets cannot commit sin. And if God can create you, any moment he can destroy you. Your existence is not sure; don’t take it for granted.

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