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Chapter 8: Collecting Seashells

The second question:

What am I for?

For nothing. For no purpose at all.

Do you want to become a thing? Things are for something. If you ask me what this chair is for, the question is relevant and the answer is simple - to sit upon. If you ask me what this mike is for - to speak through. If there is nobody to sit upon the chair, it will be completely useless; it will have to be thrown away. If there is nobody to speak through the mike and there is no need for it. It will be simply useless; it will not have any purpose for existing.

But what are you for? - for nothing. You are not a chair, you are not a mike. You are not a house to live in. You are purposeless. And that is the beauty and that is the glory of life. It is a purposeless phenomenon. It exists for nothing. Or, it exists for itself. Both are the same.

Things exist for something else; they are means. Persons exist for themselves; they are ends.

You love somebody. For what? - for love itself. If you say you love for the money the person has, then you don’t love. If you say you love for the prestige that comes from loving this person, then you don’t love, then you are doing something else. Some other activity is going on, but not love - business, politics, maybe something else, but not love at all.

Love is an end in itself. You simply love for love’s sake.

For what are these birds singing? For what? - just the sheer delight of singing. They are not singing there to get any award. They are not singing there for any competition. They are not even singing for you to listen to them. They are simply singing. They are full of energy and the energy overflows. The energy is too much - what to do with it? They share with existence. They are spendthrifts, not misers.

If you sing, first you look for what. Are the people going to appreciate it? Are you going to be awarded in some way, gross or subtle? Then you are not a singer.a businessman. If you dance for some audience to see and you are looking for their appreciation, their applause, then you are not a dancer.

A dancer simply dances. If people see and appreciate and enjoy, that is another thing. That is not the goal. A dancer can dance alone, with nobody there to see. A singer can sing alone. The activity in itself is paying so much that there is no need to have any other goal, any other purpose.

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