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Chapter 15: Never Ask, “Who Am I?”

.Although I have never seen a kid who is not nasty. All great men have remained bachelors for a simple reason: to avoid kids. It is always good to see others’ kids and say, “How beautiful!” But never have your own, because they are such nasty people!

There is no reason for anybody to be here, but what can we do? We are here. And certainly, God has not created us.

The very idea of God creating humanity, the world, and all living beings, is absurd. Because what purpose does it serve? The universe was perfectly silent, stars were shining, there was no need for all this strange crowd who knows nothing else but to fight.

And once you accept that God has created you, you have destroyed your freedom. You have destroyed your dignity, you have lost your soul. You are only a puppet, your strings are in somebody else’s hands. He says, “Dance!” - you dance. He says, “Let go!” - you let go. You know it well. In a little while, we will see it happen!

If your being is created by God then you are not a living entity, but only a commodity. Things are made, beings are not made. Have you seen anybody making beings? Yes, people create children but they are not the makers of the children. And they don’t know what they are doing.

And they were never thinking of children when they were doing it! Just the idea would have disturbed them - “My god, what am I doing?” Children are as accidental to you as you are accidental to existence.

Life is an eternal source of energy.

Nobody has created it.

And it is of great importance that we don’t have any purpose: otherwise, we would have been machines. Machines have purpose: a car has a purpose, a railway train has a purpose, but you don’t have any purpose, because you are a being and not a thing.

You have a dignity, a freedom.

In fact, those who have known themselves, their understanding is that you are all gods. Nobody has created you. You have been here forever and you will be here forever.

Hence the teachings of the awakened ones are not of worship, ritual, mantras; the teachings of the awakened ones are how to be awake and realize your eternity. And then life becomes just a play, just a game. Do you think football has a purpose? Everybody knows that it is just a game.

Life is a play, a playfulness.

There is no God and there has never been.

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