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Chapter 1: The Way of the White Clouds

The white clouds have no way of their own - they drift. A way means reaching somewhere. The white clouds’ way means a pathless path, a wayless way - moving, but not with a fixed mind, moving without a mind. This has to be understood, because purpose is synonymous with mind. That’s why you cannot conceive how to live without purpose, because the mind cannot exist without purpose.

People are so absurd; they even come to me and ask: “What is the purpose of meditation?” Meditation cannot have any purpose because meditation basically means a state of no-mind. It is where you are, not going anywhere; where just being, just to be, is the goal.

The goal is here and now. Once the goal is somewhere else, mind starts its journey. Then the mind starts thinking, then the mind starts a process. If future is there then mind can flow, then mind can have its course, then mind has space to move. With purpose comes future, with future comes time.

A white cloud hovers in the sky, timeless - because there is no future and no mind to it. It is here and now. Each moment is total eternity. But the mind cannot exist without purpose, so mind goes on creating purposes. If the so-called worldly purposes are lost then the mind creates religious purposes, otherworldly purposes. If money has become useless, then meditation becomes useful. If the so-called world of competition, politics, has become useless, then another world of new competition, of religion, achievement, becomes meaningful. But mind always hankers for some meaning, some purpose. And to me only that mind which is purposeless is religious. But that means that mind is no longer a mind at all. Think of yourself just like a white cloud, with no mind.

In Tibet they have a meditation: monks sitting on the hills, lonely, absolutely in aloneness, just meditating on white clouds drifting in the sky, continuously contemplating, and by and by being merged. Then they become white clouds - just perching on a hill like a white cloud. No mind, just being there. No resistance, no fight, nothing to be achieved, nothing to be lost - just enjoying the very existence, celebrating the moment, the joy, the ecstasy of it.

Hence I call my way The Way of the White Clouds. And I would like you also to become white clouds, drifting in the sky. I say drifting, not moving, not moving to a point - just drifting wheresoever the winds lead you. Wheresoever you happen to be, that is the goal. So the goal is not something ending somewhere, the end of the line. The goal is every moment.

Here you are siddhas to me. Here you have achieved. Here you are as perfect as you can be, just like a Buddha, a Mahavira, or a Krishna. There is nothing else to be achieved. Right this very moment everything is there, only you are not alert. And you are not alert because your mind is in the future. You are not here. You are not aware of what is happening to you this very moment. And this has been happening always and always. For many, many millions of lives this has been happening. Every moment you have been a buddha. Not for a single moment has it been missed. It cannot be missed, that is how nature itself is, how things are. You cannot miss it.

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