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Chapter 1: I Am Consciousness, I Am Freedom

When I say, “consciousness exists,” I do not mean something between past and future, but something everlasting, something eternal - not even “everlasting,” because our words carry the sense of time. When I say it exists always in the present, I mean it is nontemporal: existence is nontemporal, it is beyond time. Simultaneously, I will say it is also beyond space, because all that is in space will become nonexistential, similarly as all that is in time will become nonexistential - was not, will not be. And time and space are not two things. That is why I relate them. They are one. Time is only the fourth dimension of space: moving space is time, movement in space is time, nonmoving time is space. Existence is nontemporal and nonspatial.

So I think you will understand if I say I am someone who is nontemporal and nonspatial. But my “I” is all-inclusive: you are included, the questioner is included. Nothing is excluded. Then it will be easier to answer your further inquiry: “For what?” All that changes is purposive. There is something to be done: it exists for a purpose. The moment the purpose is fulfilled, it goes into nonexistence.

But all that is really existential is nonpurposive, because there is no purpose that can be fulfilled. And if there is any purpose and it is fulfilled, then existence will become meaningless. So only temporal things have purposes. They are meant for something. You can say it in this way: they are means to some end. That is what is meant by purposive. They exist toward something to be fulfilled. The moment it is fulfilled, they go out of existence. They become meaningless, they are no longer needed. But I will be needed always, and when I say “I,” it is all-inclusive. There is no purpose in it.

Existence is nonpurposive. That is what is meant by leela, the concept of play. Existence itself has no purpose to fulfill. It is not going somewhere. There is no end to it. Still it is going, still much is going. So it must be a leela, a play - only an outflowing energy. This can be related to me: I am not doing anything at all - even when I talk of “doing things.”

Once you have known that you are part of the cosmic consciousness, there is no purpose. You just exist as a play. Of course the play becomes cosmic, multidimensional. You do much, and still there is no doer and there is no purpose. Those two things are not there, then it becomes a play.

And this must be noted: a doer cannot exist without purpose, and a purpose cannot exist without a doer. They are two polarities of one ego. Ego feels very uncomfortable if there is no purpose. Ego is fulfilled through purposes. Something is to be done, one is to succeed in doing “that,” one is to reach somewhere, one is to mark something. One has to make a signature. Ego is purposive. Existence is not purposive. And unless you know that which is beyond ego, you have not known at all.

So to me, everything is just a play. Neither I am, nor is there any purpose - yet things are going on. So it can be asked, “Why are they going on?” They are going because there is no purpose to stop them, and there is no one to stop them. You understand me? There is no one to stop them, and there is no purpose to stop. So it is in their nature to go, moving, play, overflow. It is the very nature of cosmic energy to exist, to be conscious of this existence, and to play with itself.

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