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Chapter 10: Neither This nor That

And suddenly God started feeling lonely. What was he doing before he created the world? For eternity he had remained alone, then suddenly one day, one morning, he went crazy, or what? Suddenly he started feeling lonely after breakfast! And what need was there to create the whole world? Just one woman would have been enough!

And now how is he feeling today? Too crowded? Too much in the marketplace? Must be planning to destroy the world soon. What kind of God are you talking about? Is your God a person who can feel lonely?

These are foolish answers to foolish questions.

Then there are a few people who say it is God’s play - his leela. Can’t he sit silently? And what kind of play is this? Adolf Hitler and Mussolini and Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nadirshah. God’s play? Millions of people are massacred and it is God’s play? Six million Jews killed by Adolf Hitler and God is playing a game? Why can’t he play golf? Or chess? Why torture people? So much misery in the world, and these fools go on saying it is God’s play? Children are being born paralyzed, blind, deaf, dumb. God’s play? What kind of God is this? Either he is nuts or he is not God at all, at least not godly. Must be very evil.

Now, these answers don’t help - they create more questions. I can only say this much: life has no purpose, cannot have any purpose.

All purposes are within life. Yes, a car has a purpose; it can take you from one place to another. And food has a purpose; it can nourish you, it can keep you alive. A house has a purpose; it can give you shelter when it rains and when it is hot. And clothes have a purpose. All purposes are within life, but life itself cannot have any purpose because it is not a means to some end. A car is a means, a house is a means.

Life has no goal, life is not going anywhere. Life is simply here. It has never been created - forget that idea of creation. It creates many stupid questions in the mind. It has never been created, it has always been here, and it will always be here - in different forms, in different ways, the dance will continue. It is eternal. Aes dhammo sanantano - so is the ultimate law.

There is no purpose - that’s the beauty of life! If there were some purpose, then life would not be so beautiful. Then there would be a motivation, then it would be businesslike, then it would be very serious. Look at the roses and the lotuses and the lilies - what purpose? The lotus in the early morning sun opening up, and the cuckoo starts calling - what purpose? Is it not intrinsically beautiful? Does everything need a purpose outside of itself?

Life is intrinsically beautiful. It has no extrinsic purpose, it is not purposive. It is just like the song of a bird in the dark of the night, or the sound of water, or the sound of the wind passing through the pine trees.