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Chapter 18: Sailing in Rough Waters

This is Simon Peter’s mind, not Jesus’. And it is bound to be so, a disciple’s mind: he is not yet enlightened, he cannot see the indivisible, he can only see according to his mind. A disciple is half blind. He has started to see, but not yet completely. A master is completely open, he can look at both the sides, he can look at all the fragments. A disciple is still in the world of ignorance, of division. This is Simon Peter, his mind. And when Jesus is gone, Simon Peter will become more important than Jesus, because Simon Peter will be more understandable to people; he belongs to the same world.

Peter created the church, he became the rock, the word Peter means rock. And the whole church stands, he really proved to be a very strong rock! Nobody has proved to be such a strong rock, neither a disciple of Buddha nor a disciple of Mahavira has proved to be like Peter, because the Catholic church is the strongest church that has ever existed on the earth. But that’s also why it is more dangerous: strength in wrong hands. And when a master is no more, disciples become the masters, they start deciding things. Of course, their attitude can only be a prejudice, a half-understood truth, a half-baked truth. And remember well, a lie is better than a half-truth because the lie can be exposed any day, but you cannot expose a half-truth.

A lie will be thrown out some day or other, because you cannot deceive people forever and forever. But a half-truth is very dangerous: you cannot expose it because it carries an element of truth. And this saying is a half-truth: it carries one element, that the female has to become male. But this is a half-truth, and if you make it the whole truth it is very dangerous. The other has to be added to it. That’s why I said we would be sailing in rough waters.

I would like to add the other half: every male has to become like the female, because he has also to learn waiting; he has also to learn receptivity; he has also to learn nonaggression, passivity; he has also to learn compassion, love, service, all the qualities of the feminine mind. Then only, when you are whole - neither male nor female - do you become capable of entering into the kingdom. Then you are a god yourself, because God is neither male nor female; he is both, or neither.

Remember that other part of the truth also, otherwise you will miss. Nobody is more capable of entering into the divine, nobody is less capable. There are differences, but on the whole, if you take account of the whole, everybody is equally capable of entering into the divine; everybody, I say, is equally capable. But there are foolish people who will always use their negative qualities, then they cannot enter. And there are wise people who will use their positive qualities, then they can enter.

For example, the feminine mind has both qualities: the negative and the positive. The positive is love, the negative is jealousy; the positive is sharing, the negative is possessiveness; the positive is waiting, the negative is lethargy, because waiting can look as if it is waiting and it may not be, it may be just lethargy. And the same happens with the male mind: the male mind has a positive quality that he inquires, goes in search, and a negative quality that he always doubts. Can you be an inquirer without doubt? Then you have chosen the positive. But you can also be a doubtful man without inquiring, just sitting and doubting.