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Chapter 35: Turning Inward toward the Real

You go on carrying your misery with you, and wherever you move you will be with yourself. So no outer change is basically a change; it is just an appearance. You simply feel that there has been a change, but there is no change. Only one change, only one revolution, only one mutation can be there, and that is if your mind changes from negative to the positive. If your outlook is focused on misery, you live in hell; if your outlook is focused on happiness, the very hell becomes the heaven. Try this! This will change your very quality of life.

But you are interested in quantity. You are interested in how to get more rich - in quantity, not in quality. You can have two houses and two cars, a bigger bank account, many things. Quantity changes: it becomes more and more. But your quality remains the same, and richness is not of things. Richness is of the quality of your mind, of your life. Even a poor man can be a rich man as far as quality is concerned, and even a rich man can be a poor man. Almost always this is the case, because a person concerned with things and quantity is totally unaware that a different dimension is there within him - the dimension of quality. And that dimension changes only when your mind is positive.

From tomorrow morning, for the whole day, remember this: whenever you feel something beautiful, satisfactory, something blissful - and there are many moments in a twenty-four-hour day - be aware of it. There are many moments when heaven is just near you, but you are so attached and involved with the hell that you go on missing it. The sun rises, the flowers open, the birds sing and the breeze blows through the trees. It is happening! A small child looks at you with innocent eyes, and a subtle feeling of bliss enters into you.; or someone smiles and you feel blissful.

Look all around, and try to find the blissful; be filled with it. In that moment forget everything. Be filled with it, taste it, and allow it to happen to your whole being. Be one with it. The fragrance of it will follow you. It will go on resounding within you the whole day, and the resounding, the echoing feeling, will help you to be more positive.

This is accumulative. If you start in the morning, in the evening you will be more open to the stars, to the moon, to the night, to the darkness. Do it for twenty-four hours experimentally, just to have a feeling of what it is. Once you can feel that the positive leads you to a different world because you become different, you are not going to leave it. The whole emphasis will have changed from negative to positive. Then you look at the world in a different, a new way.

I am reminded of one anecdote. One of Buddha’s disciples was taking leave from his master. The disciple’s name was Purnakashyapa. He asked Buddha, “Where am I to go? Where am I to go to preach your message?”

Buddha said, “You yourself can choose where “

So he said, “I will go to a far corner of Bihar” - It was known as Sukha - “I will move to Sukha province.”

Buddha said, “It is better if you change your choice because the people of that province are very cruel, violent, mischievous, and no one has yet dared to go there to teach them non-violence, love, compassion. So please change your choice.”

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