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Chapter 23: Emptiness and Stuffing

I don’t see that there is any problem. One has to come to terms with one’s loneliness one day or another. Once you face it, loneliness changes its color, its quality; its taste becomes totally different. It becomes aloneness. Then it is not isolation; it is solitude. Isolation has misery in it; solitude has an expanse of blissfulness.

If this desire arises to eat again, immediately stuff as much as you can. Don’t wait until tomorrow, immediately stuff. That may be just part of your feeling of loneliness. Whenever one feels empty and lonely, one wants to stuff oneself with anything, because whenever you feel empty, the stomach is the only place emptiness is felt. So one misinterprets it; one feels as if one is hungry when one is not. By stuffing the stomach, that emptiness is not going to disappear - that’s why you go on stuffing. You go on stuffing but you never feel satisfied.

So go on stuffing; there is nothing wrong in it. Stuff so much that it becomes almost nauseous. Let that stuffing be associated with nausea, then there is a natural repulsion. It is going to disappear..