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Chapter 11: The Law of Grace

You have to get dis-identified with the dark part, but everybody wants to do that. The real problem arises when teachers like Jesus and Buddha say that get dis-identified with the good also, because, deep down, identification itself is the problem, not the object of identification. Then happiness also disappears, just as misery disappears.

And then whatsoever is left behind - that “x” quality - is bliss. It is neither misery nor happiness. It is totally different from both. It is indefinable, it is elusive. You cannot catch hold of it. The more you try, the more it will escape you. But you can live it. That “x” quality can be lived.

But the identification has to go. Don’t get identified with anything. Remain a watcher, remain a witness. Whatsoever happens, happens to you, but you are not it. Remember it. Remind yourself continuously.

Sadness has come. It has happened to you, it is not you. The moment you remember this, suddenly you will see a distance arising between you and the sadness. It does not affect you anymore. When you lose awareness, it affects you; when you gain awareness, there is a distance. And the more awareness rises to a higher peak, the greater and greater becomes the distance. A moment comes when you are so far away from your sadness, that it is as if it were no longer there.

And the same has to be done with happiness also. It will be difficult, because one wants to cling to happiness. But if you want to cling to happiness, you are sowing seeds for unhappiness.

That’s how this parable is of tremendous significance. The master himself - in his sleep, in his unawareness - came to the field, the wheat field, and sowed the seeds of weeds in his deep sleep. This must have been a case of somnambulism: people who walk in their sleep and do things. And in the morning he started asking, “Who has done this?”

You have been doing things to yourself and in the morning when you become awake you ask, “Who has done this?” And you start searching for the enemy and the enemy is within. The enemy is just your unconsciousness.

There is a Sufi parable, just like this parable:

A man was very worried because every night somebody will enter his garden and destroy it. He did everything that could be done to protect it. Guards were fixed all around the boundary, but nobody was ever seen passing into the garden in the night. Everything was done, but nothing helped and the garden was being destroyed every day.

He went to a Sufi master, thinking that that master must have the quality of seeing faraway things. The master closed his eyes and he said, “Do one thing. Fix the alarm in your alarm clock for two o’clock in the night.”

But the man said, “How is this going to help? - because my guards are continuously watching and patrolling around the house.”

The master says, “There is no need to argue. Simply do what I say. Fix the alarm for two o’clock, and then come the next day. Whatsoever happens relate it to me.”

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