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Chapter 27: Growing Up, or Just Growing Old?

I am also getting old. Would you tell me a few laws for middle age also?

Everybody is getting old. Since the day you were born, you have been getting old - each moment, each day. Childhood is a flux, so is youth - just old age never ends, because it terminates! That is the unique quality of old age, that it brings you to ultimate rest. But you want a few laws for middle age.You are a man of medicine, you should know better.

As far as I am concerned, I have never been a child, never a youth, and never become old and never will die. I know only one thing in me that is absolutely unchanging and eternal. But just for your sake.

There are many laws about middle age, because all over the world people become old. And many thinkers have been thinking, What is this old age?

The first law is De Never’s Lost Law; obviously about old age, the law can be the last: Never speculate on that which can be known for certain.

You know perfectly well you are getting old, now don’t speculate on that, that will make you more miserable.

The law is beautiful, never speculate on that which can be known for certain. In fact, in life, except death nothing is certain; everything can be speculated upon, but not death. And old age is just the door to death.

Middle age is when you begin to exchange your emotions for symptoms.

Lendel’s Law: You know you are getting old when a girl calls “No,” and all you feel is relief.

Old age is when you start to turn out the lights for economical rather than romantic reasons!

Old age is that period of life when your idea of getting ahead is staying even.

Old age is when you can do just as much as ever, but would rather not.

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