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Chapter 4: A Milestone Marked Zero

This apparently very absurd, absolutely illogical and irrelevant statement is very profound - a great truth and full of reality. But those who stop at logical reasoning can never arrive at the fact. Only those who are brave enough to give up even reasoning are able to arrive at the fact, because the truth - the fact - does not respect your reasoning. All reasoning is man-made, and the facts never worry about that. Your reasoning may argue in any way it likes, but the facts, unperturbed, will continue to proceed in their own fashion.

Facts go on speaking for themselves, without the least anxiety about your reasoning. That is why reasoning has to be smashed to pieces when there is a dispute between facts and reasoning. That is why, when the wise men of the East arrived at life’s truths, they gave up logical reasoning. They declared, “Reasoning cannot be of any use.” That is why those who have become very proficient in reasoning find it difficult to know the truth. They stick to their reasoning. They go on saying, “How can water be hot and cold at the same time? Cold is one quality, heat is another and opposite quality!” But they are one and the same. They go on saying, “How can birth and death be one?” But they are!

The seeker of truth has to be daring enough to give up reasoning, even though it is the greatest daring. This sutra is beyond logic and hence it is great. As I told you, it is one of the greatest sutras uttered in the history of mankind. Now let us enter that great truth which is beyond logic. Don’t try to reason out how dancing or shouting or weeping or laughing are going to help us. Don’t think. Leave logic aside and take a jump!