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Chapter 9: Truth Wins.Eventually

And remember, and watch! You will jump first, and then you will think about what has happened. That jump comes out of your totality; it is not of the mind. That jump is a spontaneous total. It is here and now. It has nothing to do with past, nothing to do with future. It has no past, no future. It is absolutely here, now.

The quality of good is the quality of an act that comes out of your totality. You fall in love: you see a man or a woman and suddenly, in spite of you, something happens. Your total being responds in a new way. Even you are surprised! You throb, you sing, you have a dance within you - as if clouds have separated and you have seen the source of light. In a single moment.. In fact, that moment is not a part of time. In fact, it is a “no moment” - as if time has stopped. Something took possession of you. This is out of no-mind.

Whatsoever is like love is good. That’s why Jesus says, “God is love.” He’s not saying that God is loving. He is simply showing a quality: that God has the same quality as love. “Good” is love; good has the same quality as love.

All that comes from the mind is from the devil. “The devil” is just a way of saying it - because it separates. Let me define “devil” as one who separates, and God as one who unites. God and devil are both ways of speaking. They are not entities; they are symbols.

Just a few days before, I read a beautiful story of DuBois’. I would like you to listen to it and try to understand it.

It was one o’clock and I was hungry. I walked into a restaurant, seated myself, and reached for the bill of fare. My table companion rose. “Sir,” said he, “do you wish to force your company on those who don’t want you?”

“No,” I said. “I wish to eat.”

“Are you aware, sir, that this is social equality?”

“Nothing of the sort, sir. It is hunger,” I said, and I ate.

The days’ work done, I sought the theater. As I sank into my seat, the lady next to me shrank and squirmed. “I beg pardon,” I said.

“Do you enjoy where you are not wanted?” she asked coldly.

“Oh, no,” I said.

“Well, you are not wanted here.”

I was surprised. “I fear you are mistaken,” I said. “I certainly want the music, and I like to think the music wants me to listen to it.”

“Oh sir,” said the lady, “this is social equality.”

“No, madam,” said the usher. “It is the second movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.”

After the theater, I sought the hotel where I had sent my baggage. The clerk scowled. “What do you want?”

“Rest,” I said.

“This is a white hotel,” he said.

I looked around. “Such a color scheme requires a great deal of cleaning,” I said. “But I don’t know that I object.”

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