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Chapter 38: Base Humanity into Golden Humanity

Just the other day Anando was telling me that when asteroids fall towards earth, they come into the sphere of earth’s gravitation, which is two hundred miles around it. They start falling with a great speed of fifty thousand miles per hour, and that’s why the friction burns them. But once in a while, if it is a very big asteroid - miles long - then it may not be burned completely, it may reach to the earth. Sometimes it has killed many people. It is a very strange kind of stone, because it has passed through a strange experience; that fifty thousand miles per hour, and the heat and the friction give it a new quality.

In the Kaaba, the Mohammedan’s holy place, is an asteroid that has reached the earth, and they have been worshipping it, just because there is no other stone like it, it has come from heaven. And certainly it has come from the sky.

But when Nijinsky used to come back, everybody in the audience forgot to breathe. It looked so dangerous from that height - if gravitation works rightly, he is going to have multiple fractures. But he will fall like a leaf, slowly descending towards the earth - with no hurry. And the movement of coming back was so slow that even physicists had no explanation of it. The jump was unexplained, and the coming back was even more mysterious. He himself had no idea.

Only one thing he said, “Whenever I try it does not happen. I would like it to happen every time I am on the stage dancing, but whenever I am consciously, deliberately trying, it simply does not happen. It happens only when I am not trying, when I am not even thinking of it, when in fact I am not there. In my absence, when there is only the dance, and the dancer has completely become one with the dance, it happens. So I cannot give you any explanation, because I was not there.”

He also died badly. First he became mad - because such a thing has never happened to any other man. He was trying hard, and it would not happen, and then when he was not thinking about it, it happened and with no explanation coming from the experts. And he himself had no idea why it was happening. It drove him mad. For one year he was in a madhouse, and he died in the greatest misery.

The same person would have become a Gautam Buddha in the East - because he has found the key - but he could not recognize it. And there was not a single master in the West to show him what was happening.

And this is the whole teaching of the East, that if you forget the ego, if you forget yourself, if you are just nobody, miracles start happening. That is the law of nature. There is nothing in it to be disturbed about. In that moment when you are absent, it means you are so silent, so peaceful, so at ease, that there is no disturbance at all.

The East has known a certain thing against gravitation. They call it levitation. The grip of gravitation loosens; and it has happened even to people who have been meditating that suddenly they have started moving upwards. If it was happening in the West, the man was certainly going to be considered mad. He could not say to anybody that it is happening, because nobody is going to believe, and they will think that he is cuckoo. How can you go on just sitting in a lotus posture? And the man said, “But what can I do? Just when I opened my eyes, I saw my head is touching the ceiling.”

The ego is very heavy. It is like an anchor that keeps you under the control of gravitation.

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