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Chapter 6: The Bridge of Love and Laughter

I have always thought that you were against politicians, so I was very much surprised to know that you have blessed Indira Gandhi. Would you like to say something about it?

I am against the political mind. The political mind means the cunning mind; the political mind means the murderous, violent mind. The political mind means the mind that is only interested in dominating others, that is only interested in being in such a position where millions of people’s lives are in his hands, this way or that. The politician’s mind is the mind of the perfect egoist.

I am certainly against the political mind. I would like a world which does not go round and round the political mind. I would like a world which has the religious quality, not the political quality. At least I would like the political quality of the mind to recede back into the background.

At the center should be the creative mind; politics is destructive. But this cannot happen right now. For millions of years politics has been in the center, so this cannot happen right now. A great meditative energy has to be released first.

If millions of people become meditators, then slowly, slowly the structure of the energy on this earth will change - will start moving from the political mind to the religious mind. I am against the political mind, but I know that this cannot happen right now. It may take thousands of years. The beginning has to happen right now, the seed has to be sown right now, but the fruits will come only later on. You can become a nonpolitical person right now, and your life will have the flowering. But as far as the whole earth is concerned, it is going to take time. What are we going to do meanwhile?

I have blessed Indira Gandhi because to me she seems to be the least political amongst the Indian politicians. It will again look strange to you because whatsoever has been said about her, spread about her, rumored about her, is just the opposite. But my own observation is this, that she has the least political mind.

And why do I say so? - these are the reasons. First, had she really been a politician and only a politician she wouldn’t have tried to do anything that goes against the Indian tradition. The politician never goes against the tradition. He always follows his own followers. That’s a mutual arrangement. Particularly in a democratic system, the politician cannot afford to go against the traditions, because after five years the elections will be there. If you go against people’s traditions - right or wrong, that is not the point - if you go against their traditions, they will take revenge.

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