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Chapter 6: Don’t Take Enlightenment Seriously

Marriage, up to now, has been such a suffering! It is because of marriage that monasteries have existed - the whole credit goes to marriage! Otherwise there would be no monks and no nuns. It is seeing the ugliness of marriage, millions of people simply decided never to get into it, or even those who had already got into it escaped.

The woman has suffered much, but her suffering has been of a different quality: she has suffered because her freedom has been taken away from her. Man has dominated her, made her a slave. Man has also suffered.because remember one simple law of life: If you make others suffer, the suffering is bound to rebound on you. Man made the woman a slave, physically.and the woman? She made the man a slave spiritually. In fact, man’s suffering has been much deeper than the woman’s suffering.

There is now the Women’s Liberation movement. Some daring men are needed to start a Men’s Liberation movement, because man’s slavery became spiritual - and spiritual slavery is far more dangerous.

Murphy’s definition of cooperation: An exchange between a woman and a man in which she coos and he operates.

You seem to be absolutely unaware of the phenomenon of marriage - which is destructive to both man and woman. Love is creative, marriage is destructive. But love is not dependable: this moment it may be there and the next moment gone. And man wants permanent things; he is obsessed with permanent things. He wants security, safety, he wants to cling. Hence love is not reliable, so he created marriage.

Marriage is a plastic flower. Love is a real rose, but the real rose is beautiful in the morning; by the evening it is gone. Nobody can say when it will disappear, when the petals will start falling. Just a strong wind and it is no more, just a strong sun and it is no more. But the plastic flower will be there; come rain, come sun, come anything, the plastic flower will be there. In fact, plastic is the only permanent thing in the world.

Now ecologists are very much worried about plastic because you cannot destroy it. You go on throwing plastic bottles and containers and they all go on accumulating in the earth or in the sea. Sooner or later they will surround the whole earth and they will destroy the fertility of the earth, because they cannot melt, merge, become one with the earth.

The real flower goes back to the earth, becomes earth again. Then again a new flower will arise. But the plastic flower sticks, remains forever. It is dangerous; it is a hindrance in the circulation of life processes.

Marriage is a plastic flower - marriage is an institution. And who wants to live in an institution?

If Buddha escaped, you should not be worried; it is understandable. He must have suffered!