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Chapter 17: Whirlwind Of Awakening

So all the communes may be far away from each other in space, but in the inner world they are all together. So you don’t have only the strength of five thousand people, you have the strength of one million sannyasins, wherever they may be. And each commune has the support of one million sannyasins. So if we have two hundred communes, the inner logic and arithmetic is that we have already two hundred million sannyasins - that much energy, the quality, the quantity. And that is going to transform the world.

Never before has any experiment of this kind been made, so ordinarily nothing is known about it. But I have been experimenting on a small scale. I had not tried to make any effort for expansion until I was absolutely certain of something. We are in perfectly good shape - it could not be better - to do the job that we have chosen.

We can be so full of bliss that we can fill the whole universe with our bliss, our rejoicing our dance, our laughter. And to me this is revolution, an absolute psychological change in the atmosphere of the world.