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Chapter 14: Say It with Your Totality

And don’t be worried that people cannot understand what you are trying so hard to explain to them. Go on trying. It is not that your explanation is going to succeed, to reach the target - that is out of the question. But your very effort, your desperate effort, your tears, may be able to move those people’s hearts.

Your words cannot do anything, but your sincere effort is going to create a quest in those people.that there is something, certainly, that the man is trying to explain - and is not able to explain. But his tears are proof, his constant effort in spite of all the failures is proof. His finding new ways, new angles every day, is proof that the man has something; perhaps it is the nature of the thing that it cannot be explained.

And they know things which cannot be explained in their ordinary experience too. They cannot explain love. Even the greatest scientist falls in love, knowing perfectly that he cannot explain what it is. And what he can explain he knows it is not that. He can explain the hormones, the attraction between female and male hormones, and the whole biology of it. But he knows it is not that. He cannot explain it; he cannot bring it to the level where things can be explained.

Even in ordinary life - you taste something, but you cannot explain the taste. You smell a fragrance but is there any way to explain it? - and particularly to those people who have lost their sensitivity to smell. They may not be convinced by your words, but they will be convinced by your effort - and that may trigger an inquiry in them.perhaps you are right.

And that’s what, down the ages, people have tried. If they have come in contact with a master, they have come in contact with a living experience of enlightenment. They know it is there; it has become almost tangible to them. They have felt it in their very heartbeat, in their very breathing. They have seen it; and naturally, they would like to communicate it.

They are burdened with a tremendous experience, and they want to wake people up: “What are you doing? There is something more to life - don’t waste your life this way! I have seen it. I have lived moments in the presence of some mysterious experience.”

Perhaps they will think you crazy, they will think you mad. Don’t be worried about it - it has always been so. But if your madness is total, it is going to leave a deep impression on them. If your madness has a joy in it, a blissfulness around it, it is impossible for them to ignore it.

They would like to ignore it, for the simple reason that you are driving them onto a dangerous path: perhaps they will become just as mad as you are. They would prefer that nothing like the experience you are talking about exists. It is an effort to defend themselves. In fact their very attempt to ignore you, to condemn you, to call you a madman, shows you have already made some way into their heart.

These are defense measures. They are creating a wall between you and themselves - but that is the beginning of their defeat. Defense is the beginning of defeat: they have already become afraid, frightened.

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