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Chapter 9: Born on a Pair of Trees

What dealings can you ever conclude
with someone who is unaware
of the feelings in loving?
The owl stares at the sky,
sitting blind to the rays of the sun.

Man is a quest, an eternal inquiry, a perennial question. The quest is for the energy that holds existence together - call it God, call it truth, or whatsoever you like to call it. Who holds this infinite existence together? What is the center of it all, the core of it all?

Science, philosophy, religion, all ask the same question. Their answers may differ but their question is the same. Religions call it God. Scientists will not agree with the word God - it looks too personal. It looks too anthropomorphic, man-oriented. They call it electricity, magnetism, energy fields, but only the name is different. God is an energy field.

Philosophers go on giving different names to it: the ultimate stratum, the absolute, the brahman. From Thales to Bertrand Russell, they have supplied many answers. Sometimes some philosopher says it is water, liquidity; sometimes somebody else says it is fire - but the quest has been eternal. What holds this infinite universe together?

Bauls call it love, and to me, their answer seems to be the most pertinent. It is neither personal nor impersonal. It has something of God in it, and something of magnetism in it also; something of the divine, and something of the earth.

Love has two faces. It is Janus-like: one face looks to-wards the earth, the other face looks towards the sky. It is the greatest synthesis conceivable: it comes out of lust and moves towards prayer; it comes out of mud and becomes a lotus facing the sun.

This word love has to be understood. What do we mean by the word love? One thing we certainly all mean is that it has a pull in it, great energy. When you fall in love, it is not that you do something - you are pulled in. It has a magnetic force. You gravitate towards the object of your love, you gravitate almost helplessly, you gravitate even against your will. It has a pull, a magnetic field - that’s why we call it “falling in love.” Who wants to fall? But who can avoid it? When the energy calls you, suddenly you are no longer your old self. Something bigger than you is pulling you, something greater than you is invoking you. The challenge is such that one simply runs into it headlong.

So the first thing to understand is: love is a great energy pull. The second thing: whenever you fall in love, suddenly you are no longer ordinary - something miraculously changes in your consciousness. Love transforms you. Falling in love, a violent man becomes kind and tender. A murderer can become so compassionate, it is almost impossible to believe. Love is miraculous - it transforms the baser metal into gold.

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