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Chapter 3: The Well Is Going to the Thirsty

Only the present, which is the only reality.

We already found out that that was a really easy answer! Anyway, is there a question I haven’t asked you and you always wanted to answer?


It seems like all the questions have already been asked, and you have already given all the answers?

No, that is not the thing. The thing is, I don’t have any question, nor do I have any answer. I am just a mirror: you ask the question; my consciousness reflects the answer. It is spontaneous. If you don’t have any question to ask, then my mirror remains empty. There is no response; I cannot answer.

I don’t have any answer to give to you. You have to create a question, a situation in which my being can respond as an answer. But left alone in my room, I don’t have a question, I don’t have an answer. I am simply silent.

We will see each other back in Holland, I hope. In the meantime I brought you a present. It is a tie from our station.

That’s good!

I don’t know how you can wear it, but anyway it is a beautiful tie!

I will try it! Okay?

Questions from “Quick” magazine, Germany.

Are you intending to make another community, similar to Rajneeshpuram in America?

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